Sunday 16 June 2013

Jump Up and Join In with Carrie and David Grant!

jump up and join in with David and Carrie Grant

Both my children love music so when we were sent two of the new Carrie and David Grant Jump Up and Join In Books we couldn't wait to get them out and start the music!

We were sent two of the four title in the series, Lion's Speedy Sauce and Elephant's Birthday Bells, at first glance I really liked the look of these, the pages were filled with eye catching, colourful illustrations perfect to appeal to young children.

Each book comes with an accompanying CD for you and your children to read along then sing the song!

My daughter grabbed  Elephant's Birthday Bells and wouldn't let go so I guess that was a the first one to read!

Elephant's Birthday Bells

The illustrations were colorful and really appealed to both my 2 and 5 year olds who were pointing to the different animals and other things they spotted throughout the book. The accompanying cd's really added an extra element, as well as an audio read through of the story they had lots of fun extras including songs, music lessons and more!

The story was a learning journey that got both children engrossed in the musical theme which was all about loud and soft sounds. We followed Elephant on her quest to find an instrument that was softer than her  loud stomping and Trumpets.

The children really enjoyed practicing the different loud and soft sounds (especially the loud ones!!)

Lion's Speedy Sauce

The Lions's Speedy Sauce was all about rhythm and time in music and my 5 year old especially loved the clapping and rhythm exercises on the CD.

Both books include a craft idea too which is a lovely idea to get further enjoyment from them and extend the play. We will be trying these out soon!

At just £6.99 each I would fully recommend these book to encourage any child's interest in music!

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