Sunday, 19 February 2017

LEGO Batman Movie takes over LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester

LEGO Batman poster

The caped crusader has landed at one of our favourite places for a family day out, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester! 
Superhero. Crime-fighter. Master Builder. LEGO Batman™ is all of those and so much more!
The North West's own LEGOLAND has been taken over by The LEGO® Batman™ Movie Days from 10th February until 12th March, including half term!
LEGO Batman movie days at LDC Manchester

You can meet Gotham City’s Caped Crusader to celebrate the release of the Warner Bros. feature film, which includes photo ops with the scene-stealing star, a fun scavenger hunt with prizes and LEGO Batman™-inspired LEGO build activities!
We visited last week and had lots of LEGO Batman Themed fun!
LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Factory tour

We started off with the factory tour, which both my children have done countless times, but they still love it and especially enjoyed the special Batman passwords ad the limited edition LEGO® Batman™ Movie brick they each got at the end!
We then walked straight on to the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride to zap some skeletons and save the Princess and Baby Dragon, there were no Batman extras here but it was still lots of fun and my 9 year old was chuffed that he got the highest score!


Next in was in to MINILAND, which had been well and truly taken over by LEGO Batman and the villains! We'd been handed a fun LEGO Batman mark and a scavenger hunt card on entry so we got to work searching for the clues and solving the riddles! The children had an awesome time spotting all the characters hidden among the familiar LEGO structures and did a great job finding them all.

Just as we came out of here, an announcement told us that LEGO Batman himself had arrived and was ready for some meet and greets so we wandered over to the Party room, and joined the short queue to meet him and get a photo. An official photographer was present to take photos you could later purchase but they were happy for us to take our own pictures too. My six year old delighted in giving LEGO Batman a big hug!

We then wandered back to the LEGO Racers: Build & Test area where as well as the usual vehicle bits and bobs there were lots of special Batmobile pieces available ad a competition to build your own Bat themed creation with 25 bricks or less! My nine year old carefully constructed his entry (which he got a special pop badge for) while my six year old just enjoyed building lots of cars and sending them down the ramps! The children would have happily spent hours in this area if we'd let them!

While we were there we also popped into the 4D Cinema to watch The LEGO® Movie™ 4D: A New Adventure, built a cute LEGO Raccoon  Master Model Builder’s workshop, drove around the LEGO CITY: Forest Pursuit driving adventure (kids only, unfortunately!) and built skyscrapers on the fun earthquake tables!

As we were getting ready to leave we headed through LEGO City Builder and entered the Batcave! (formerly Ninjago training camp) 
Here there was a fabulous Batman wall mural made of individual LEGO bricks that everyone could here create, along with a Batman laser challenge and this is also where the children exchanged their scavenger hunt entries for a cool pop badge and certificate.

You do need to bear in mind that some parts of LDC are currently closed for renovation (as they are going to launching some pretty exciting new things including a LEGO® Ninjago City Adventure play feature very soon!) so there is less to do than you may have experienced on earlier visits, but  for our family the LEGO BATMAN activities more than made up for this and we spent a good few fun filled hours in the centre.

If you have a LEGO BATMAN fan in your family, then it's definitely worth a visit during this event. Do make sure you find a good offer, such as buying a cut price combo ticket online or using the Mcdonalds Happy meal half price voucher!

Don't forget you can read about some of our previous visits to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, here and here.
Are you a Fan of LEGO Batman? Have you seen the Movie yet?

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Top tips for the perfect Family Movie night!

When the nights are dark and cold, there's something really comforting about snuggling up under a blanket with the family and watching a good movie or two.

To celebrate The LEGO Batman Movie hitting the cinemas this weekend, the lovely folks at Warner Bros have asked me to share my top tips for a perfect family movie night.

Dress up as your favourite character for LEGO movie night

Choose a theme!

Kids love a theme, so why not go all out? Get them to choose a movie or even a genre and dress up, do some crafts together such as making Batman masks or draw pictures of their favourite superheros.

Prepare snacks together!

A great tie in to the movie night theme is to prepare some themed snacks together! Why not bake a decorate some LEGO cupcakes, make sandwiches shaped like LEGO bricks or   Or even just colour in some cardboard popcorn holders?

Get Comfy!

Why not make movie night extra special by making a den to watch it from? Get together some bean bags or couch cushions on the floor cover in blankets and snuggle up together!

Turn off the tech!

It an obvious one but sometimes it just needs to be said, switch off your phones, laptops and tablets to get into the spirit of family time and watch the movie with your children. It may not be the most exciting thong to watch for grown ups but at least you'll be ale to chat to them about it fterwards and they'll kow you were paying attention!

And Enjoy!

With these tips you should be all ready to enjoy your next family movie night, have fun! We'll be enjoying a LEGO Superhero movie night this weekend and making some LEGO themed snacks to enjoy together...


I'd love to hear all about your perfect family movie nights! Do share your tips in the comments below...

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Disclosure: We received a DVD bundle in exchange for writing this post.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Make 2017 The Year of Adventure...

Escape the January blues

January can be a miserable time of year, the excitement of Christmas is over, there are bills to pay and the weather is pretty rubbish. There is one way to escape the dreariness of the long cold nights and put a smile on your face, and that is to plan your adventures for the year ahead!

Why not get comfy on the couch, crack open the popcorn and pop on a DVD or two and watch dreams being made, challenges being overcome and history being made in some of the greatest adventure movies Warner Brothers have to offer?

You could watch Tarzan run through the jungles of Africa where he was raised, sing along with Dorothy as she journeys down the yellow brick road and finds some friends along the way, or follow Peter's adventures as he yearns to discover who he really is and becomes the boy who wouldn't grow up.

Then follow their lead and plan your own year of adventure travelling to somewhere you've always dreamt of, finally climbing that mountain or exploring your favourite city for the twentieth time but still managing to find something new to discover...

We have a very special adventure planned for our family this year and we'll certainly be watching some movies to prepare. Next month we will be taking our children abroad or the very first time and they will be taking their first trip on an aeroplane!

As well as that epic adventure, well be creating lots of memories within the UK too, with camping trips planned, days out mapped out and lots of unplanned escapes on the cards too.

Do you have any adventures planning this year? I'd love to hear all about them...

Disclosure: We received a DVD bundle in exchange for writing this post.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Fighting Headlice the natural way with Puressentiel

Fighting Headlice the natural way with Puressentiel

A few weeks in to the new year and just over a week into the new term at school, a familiar letter came home in my daughter's school bag. A case of headlice had been found in her class...

The now familiar letter meant getting out the nit comb and checking her hair for eggs. It's not a fun task for either of us, but it is something that has become a regular occurrence since she started school almost eighteen months ago. I believe we've had to treat an average of every two months in that time.

The cost certainly adds up and I also worry about the chemicals that are in the products used to treat head lice. Generally, we try to use only natural, eco friendly toiletries and skin care, yet when it comes to keeping my children's hair nit free, I hadn't realised there was a natural, chemical free treatment that would be just as effective while being gentle on my daughters delicate scalp.

Laboratoire Puressentiel is a family-owned company specialising in the design of aromatherapy and plant-based organic products, using essential oils and natural active ingredients. They are a company that fit in with our family's eco friendly lifestyle and included in their wide variety of heath and well being product ranges are Anti-Lice products. Puressentiel are committed to respecting nature by adopting an eco-responsible attitude, from the harvesting of the raw materials to the manufacturing of each of its products.

Just after the most recent 'nit letter', We were asked to test out Puressentiel Anti-lice complete treatment lotion and comb. I was intrigued to how see such a plant based treatment would work.

Puressentiel anti lice lotion and nit comb

In the box we found a 100ml bottle of lotion with an applicator tip and an orange handled good quality lice comb.

The instructions for use are printed on the sustainably sourced cardboard packaging in both French and English.

applying Puressentiel lotion

The first thing we noticed when opening the bottle was the gentle coconut fragrance, a huge contrast to the chemical smells we were used to. The oil based lotion was easy to apply to  Elizabeth's dry hair section by section and she was very pleased that it only had to be left to work for ten minutes, just enough time to read one of her favourite stories, the Singing Mermaid!

bathtime smiles

We shampood it out and she sat nicely while I used the lice comb to comb each section through, before drying as usual. There were just a few lice and eggs found when combing through so it looks like we caught it early this time.

puressentiel lice comb

I was worried that the oily lotion would leave her hair greasy but it is as soft and shiny as ever and smells lovely!

Rather than using harsh chemicals to kill the lice, headlice treatments such Puressentiel coat the lice in oil, so they suffocate and dehydrate, they are then removed using the sturdy lice comb that is included with the kit.
The treatment will need to be repeated in three days but we still have around half a bottle left which should be plenty.

Overall I'm really pleased with the product and will certainly be using it in the future. Puressentiel anti-lice complete treatment lotion and comb is available at Boots, Lloyds Chemist and Amazon with an RRP of £12.99 (although currently half price at Lloyds Chemist online and in store.) The lotions is suitable for adults and children aged over three and one 100ml bottle will treat two to three short to mid length heads of hair.

You can find out more on the Puressentiel Website, and keep up to date with news and offers over on the Puressentiel Facebook and Twitter pages.

puressentiel nit comb

Just writing this has made my head start to itch so I'm going to leave you with a few Head Lice facts... 

Does my child have lice? 

Itchiness and scratching of the head are often the first signs of head lice.

What should I look for? 

Lice and nits near the scalp, particularly behind the ears and near the nape of the neck, along the hairline.

What does a louse look like? 

A head louse is a small insect, visible to the naked eye, about the size of a sesame seed (2 to 3 mm), which lives on the scalp and feeds on human blood. It has six legs armed with pincers used to cling to the hair, they move very quickly, which explains why it is so hard to catch them.

The life cycle of a louse 

The life cycle of a louse lasts approximately 50 days. Female lice lay 5 to 10 eggs (nits) per day. After a week, the egg hatches and the embryo becomes a larva, which will reach adulthood in 2 weeks. The adult lice live for about 30 days on a person’s head. The lice multiply rapidly, so you must act quickly.

Are lice a sign of poor hygiene? 

Do not feel that you are responsible if your child has head lice; it has nothing to do with your family’s hygiene habits. Cleanliness has nothing to do with lice, which are very resistant to water and soap. Taking time off school is not necessary.

How did my child catch lice? 

The back-to-school period is an ideal time for lice to spread due to close contact between children. The transmission of the lice occurs directly through contact between two children (touching hair). Indirect transmission is possible if items such as combs and brushes are shared. Remember: lice cannot fly, jump or survive longer than 4 to 36 hours away from the scalp.

soft and silky hair

This post was written in collaboration with Pureessentiel.