Sunday, 14 September 2014

Embracing the moment #PowerofSoft!

This week my first born child started junior school. He is no longer an infant, one of the younger ones but he is now in the upper half of the school where the classrooms focus on learning rather than play. Where they even have a different area to play out on at lunch times so they can play football, and run and chase without disturbing the younger ones. His homework has increased and he has started to talk to me about world issues... (the Scottish Referendum and the politics of North Korea have both been topics of conversation on the walk home in the last week.)

He's not my baby any more.

At first that thought made me sad, it brought a tear to my eye but then I looked at my seven year old son, the boy who I walked through the front gates with 3 years ago the day after his fourth birthday, the boy who's height has always hidden the fact that he was and always will be the youngest in the class. he may not be my baby any longer but he is SO much more.

He is a big brother, a Beaver Scout, a best friend, a year two pupil, a creative thinker,  a keen adventurer and of course a loving and caring son.

And he will continue to grow and become even more things, he will have dreams and aspirations, which if he's anything like me will be constantly changing. He will face challenges and have both triumphs and failures, he will fall in love and he may rebel but he'll always be my boy and i'll always remember the cuddles we had when he fitted into my arms, when I cold rap him in a soft fluffy blanket and hold him against my chest and the rhythm of my heartbeat would sooth him to sleep.

As I watch my eldest child grow, I think about those cuddles and I cherish those memories, but I also embrace the current moments and watch future memories being made. He may not cradle in my arms any more but he still loves a cuddle with his Mummy and I hope that that will still be the case when he is six foot tall and towering above me (which may be next year the rate he is growing!)

Fairy, the non bio washing detergent that is perfect for your babies clothes, is a staple in the shopping baskets and houses of new parents, I remember just over 7 years ago preparing what seemed like hundreds of tiny white vests and babygrows for the birth of my first child. I remember washing them in Fairy and hanging them out to dry in the summer days. Memories that will be cherished...

Fairy recognises how important all these little moments are and they have launched the #powerofsoft campaign to encourage parents to embrace every moment, while their little ones are as soft and sweet as they will be! Embracing the moment with every cuddle.


In association with Fairy.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Join us for a #SofiasMicroWorld Twitter Party! 18/09/2014

To celebrate the launch of a fabulous new range of Sofia the First Micro Toys, next Thursday 18th September, we will be hosting a Sofia the First Magical Tea Party for Elizabeth and some of her little friends!

We have been sent lots of princess themed goodies for the occasion and it's sure to be lots of fun!

There will be fun 'micro food' perfect for princesses (Please let me know if you have any princess themed food suggestions!)

Our 'royal' guests will be playing with the latest Sofa the first Micro Toys including
Sofia the First Tiara  and Sofia the First Magic Amulet i'll be sharing the thoughts of both children and parents, there may be some additions to you child's Christmas lists!

We'll also be playing our favourite party games including a princess treasure hunt and pass the parcel!

And you can't be a princess without a Tiara! Our party guests will be colouring and making their own Tiars too! Your little ones can have some colouring fun at home with this Free Sofia Printable.

If you have a Sofia the First fan you don't need to miss out as you can join in too on twitter between 4pm and 6pm with hashtag #Sophiasmicroworld for your chance to win your little princesses spot prizes and join in with the fun activities! 

Don't forget to follow @mymummyspennies @DisneyJuniorUk and @ukmumstv to follow what's going on!

See you on Thursday!

If you can't wait until Thursday for the fun to start visit for more fun Sofia activities and games...

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Perfect Gifts for Pregnant Mums

As this week has been one of celebrations for us, from my son's seventh birthday on Sunday to my thirtieth yesterday, I invited my lovey blogger friends to write about celebrations of their own. 

Today Kate from Family Fever writes about perfect gifts for pregnant mums...

perfect gifts for pregnant mums

If you have a pregnant friend, you may well have been invited to a baby shower, or be planning to buy a gift to celebrate the fantastic news. Sometimes I like to buy a present just for the expectant mum, as they are usually inundated with new baby gifts, and a little treat just for you when you are pregnant can be such a wonderful thing!

Maternity clothes – this can be one of those things pregnant mums put off buying – they think they will only get a few months wear out of them, it can seem like a big expense when there are lots of baby things to buy. Why not treat your expectant friend to a maternity wear treat – I love Tiffany Rose, Isabella Oliver and Next for gorgeous, feel good clothes.

Pampering products – knowing which products to use during pregnancy can be a difficult on, so why not choose a set designed for mums to be? I love the beginning….range from Maclaren. There is something for everyone and every budget with treats such as massage oils, bath milks and leg lotions.

Bola necklace – this is a bit of a treat for mum and baby. A bola is a Mexican pendant which creates a soft chime as you walk around. This sound is believed to soothe and calm babies both in the womb and after birth – and they look ever so pretty too!

Scarf – if you don’t want to go for maternity clothes, what about a pretty scarf? Can make any outfit feel fresh and new, and if you choose one from a range such as Loveyush, they can also double up as a breastfeeding cover up once baby arrives.

Vouchers – if you are really stuck for a pressie idea, I find that vouchers always go down well. Try and choose something tailored to the expectant mum – for example a book token for a bookworm, or an iTunes gift card for a music fan. Failing that, book them a gorgeous spa day for after labour day – certainly something to look forward to during yet another night feed!

What would you have loved to receive when you were pregnant?