Sunday 9 June 2019

Throwback to the Nineties with The Spice Girls #AD

Disclaimer: I have been compensated for this post.

If I had to choose a decade that defined my formative years it would without a doubt be the Nineties. Platform shoes, 'Rachel from friends' hair, boob tubes with combat pants and of course Girl Power!

This decade spanned my childhood from ages six to sixteen and shaped me in to the person that I am in so many ways.

Of course you can't really talk about nineties nostalgia without mentioning The Spice Girls, they were the iconic band of the decade. Their album, Spice, was the first CD I bought when I got my very own boombox for my tenth birthday, I went to see Spice World at our local cinema for a friends birthday and I cherished my platform shoes that I hobbled around in!

For a young girl like me, the characters the girls 'played' gave me something to connect with, something I'd never really had with pop stars in the past. For me, Mel C's Sporty Spice showed me a celebrity with an accent just like mine from my home town and I really related to that, it gave me confidence at an important time in my childhood.

The concept of Girl Power was also something that I connected with, I had a hard time as a child in many ways, I was bullied at school, I was the only child of a single parent and I felt very lonely at times. This 'Girl Power' that The Spice Girls shouted and sang about was something I aspired to. It gave me confidence and in many ways and believing in this helped to turn me from the shy and timid child I was, in to a more confident and outgoing teen. Girl Power Indeed!

I was definitely a big fan and in many ways still am, but am I their biggest fan? Probably not...

Are you?

The Spice Girls and Walkers Crisps have reunited 22 years after they first worked together to find the girls' best ever fan!  Watch the hilarious new ad in the video below and join in with the discussion online using  #MustBeWalkers

Whoever is actually crowned Spice Girls best ever fan will be incredibly lucky with the first prize being VIP tickets to watch them live including a meet and greet  with the ladies as well as 5* accommodation and travel! Wow!

Would you share your Walkers crisps with the girls? I certainly would!

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