Tuesday 24 December 2019

Our Favourite Family Christmas Movies (AD - GIFTED)

Favourite Family Christmas Movies

The lead up to the festive period can get rather manic for our family, the children both have extra activities with school and clubs, (our 9-year-old was in FOUR different shows this year!), my husband and I are really busy in work getting ready to take some time off and then of course there is the shopping and prep to do! I'm getting tired just thinking about it!

This means that when we get to Christmas eve we love nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa together with a box of chocolates and a good old Christmas movie. However, we can't always agree which is the best one so sometimes we have to watch a few! The lovely folks at Fox have sent us a selection of festive movies to get us in the festive spirit and you could win a bundle too in a super simple twitter giveaway - read to the end to find out more...

Home Alone - Family Fun Edition

Home Alone is a 1980 classic family Christmas movie that I remember watching throughout my childhood. Full of belly laughs and hold your breath moments, both my children love watching Kevin Macallister as he is left home alone and has to defend his house from a pair of bumbling thieves at Christmas! Their favourite scene is when one of the dastardly would be burglars climbs through the window and steps onto the baubles Kevin has laid out! Ouch!

Deck The Halls

Another comedy classic, this one is my husband and son's favourite, they love the hilarious rivalry between Steve and his new neighbour Buddy, especially in the ice-skating race but their favourite scene is when the rogue firework goes down Steve's chimney and destroys the tree!

Miracle on 34th Street

Now we're on to my favourite, I have fond memories of going to the cinema to watch this back in 1994, and I had my very own 'I believe' badge. This is the first Christmas movie I watched with my children and it gives me tingles inside every time I see it. Richard Attenborough embodies the spirit of Father Christmas and watching him use sign language to talk to that little girl brings a tear to my eye without fail. Six-year-old Susan Walker walking through the courtroom and melting the Judge's heart with the Christmas card and the one-dollar note just makes Christmas for me. It's all about believing in the magic!

A Christmas Carol

There are so many adaptations of this classic Charles Dickens tale, but whichever one you choose it is must-watch Christmas viewing and enough to convert anyone feeling a little Scrooge-like to a festive feeling. We don't want to be haunted by the ghosts of Christmas, do we?

Jingle All The Way

This nineties Christmas offering starring Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't everyone's cup of tea but we've all had that dreaded feeling that the one toy our child wants will sell out and here's what could happen when you go to every length possible to get it! The children always laugh their hearts out at the parade scene but there's plenty of giggles to be had throughout.

What's your favourite festive film? If I've missed it out please do share in the comments.

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