Monday 10 June 2013

My First Crayola Washable Character Markers Review

crayola washable character markers

As soon as I posted pictures on social media of the #myfirstcrayolaparty goodies I started getting comments about how fabulous the Crayola washable markers are! I think they must be a staple in any house with a toddler. We received two packs of character markers that retail at £4.49 for a pack of two.

The character markers come in four different designs, a red bear, a blue elephant, a green monkey and a yellow lion! Don't they look cute? But there is more too them than looking fun! The shape is specially designed for toddler hands to easily grip. Even the lids are easy to pop back on.
Elizaeth and her friends loved these and spent lots of time at the party making pretty colourful pictures (if somewhat abstract!)

 As well the adorable character markers we received a pack of 8 washable markers that are designed specifically for little hands and suitable from 12 months. The nib is rounded and shaped like a 'gumball' rather than pointed so that however little fingers grasp the markers they will still make lovely bright strokes.

And they wash off both clothes and skin really easily! (I was so trusting I let Elizabeth were her favourite dress yesterday!)


  1. Were making a fathers day card tomorrow with crayola and a one year old, could be interesting!

  2. I was gutted I missed that Twitter party because over the years we've had ton of Crayola pens and they've always washed out. I find they're also easy for little ones to use, because sometimes they don't 'press on' the same as older children :)


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