Monday 15 July 2013

Feel faster, flow faster with Visa...

Sometimes I feel like I'm rushing through the day so much that I miss whats going on around me. Every minute is accounted for,  from crawling out of bed in the morning and getting the children ready for school and nursery then running for the bus, jumping on it just in time, spying a seat at the back where I can 'put my face on' before arriving at the office for a hectic day, then hurrying back for the school pick up and having some playtime before dinner, bathtime, bed time and then some housework and a blog catch up! Phew! That tired me out just typing it!

I recently saw the sixty second advert from the Feel faster, Flow faster with Visa campaign and it really made me smile! I love the way the lively old gent is inspired by his phone call to jump up and run through the town using the contactless Visa to purchase gifts in no time at all and with each one the years drop off him. I wish that would happen to me!

Maybe I should live my life to a Queen soundtrack, do you think having 'Don't stop me now' blaring out alongside me would encourage me to run faster to the bus? Maybe!

So have you seen the advert yet? You can watch it below...

I just love the way the joyful news sparks this lovely journey and the closer he gets to his destination the younger and more agile he is, bringing back the days and memories of his youth. Then as he arrives at his destination he is himself again, a happy old man laden with gifts and delighted to meet this new arrival!

The contactless method of Visa payment does sound pretty fab and could save me a few precious minutes throughout the day as I rush around my business.

Why not click on play below and have a smile?

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  1. Im still ro find anywhere to use my contactless card. No where around here is set up for it

  2. I love the advert but I certain don't need my pennies to flow any faster than they already do! ;-)


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