Tuesday 24 July 2012

School's out... five free play ideas for the summer...

So like many children throughout the country my son finished school on Friday for the summer holidays, this is our first School Summer Holidays and we have some great days out planned!
However sometimes you just need some simple Free Fun at home!
Here are Five Free and simple play ideas....

1/ Play Trains! Save your old train / tram / tube tickets and let your little ones play 'ticket inspector!' Use some chairs to make your 'train' and their imagination do the rest! Great for different aged siblings to play together. With older children you could get them to charge you the 'train fare' and count out the change practice their maths!

2/ Go Camping in the comfort of your own home! You could use a small tent in the garden, or fashion a camping 'Den' from chairs and bedding, Regular activities like colouring, reading or jigsaws are all so much more exciting in a Tent!!
3/ Have a picnic! Everyone loves a picnic! Dependant on the weather you could have it n the garden , the park or even in the living room if it starts to rain! You don't need to make much effort or go to any expense, just serve up whatever you were going to have for lunch on plastic plates on the picnic blanket!
4/ Go bowling! Why spend a fortune to take the children to a loud, busy bowling Alley though? Make your own instead! Raid the recycling bin for some large plastic bottles and half fill with sand or water, grab a ball and you have your own bowling alley right at home!
5/ Get Active and have fun! Get your your children to create their own dance / aerobics routine, from star jumps to touching their toes and anything in between! If you have more than one this is great for getting them to work together and they could put on a show for you when they have finished! A great way of using up some of that extra energy!
So why not have some free fun and try these ideas out? Do let me know what you think in the comments below and share your ideas on our facebook page for your chance to Win a mystery prize...

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  1. We love indoor camping - any excuse to trash the front room to build a den then we pop on a movie and eat popcorn - inexpensive and great fun.

    Then why tidy up in the evening - just make it more comfy and watch TV with hubby in there too in the evening - big kids always love a camp.


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