Tuesday 24 July 2012

Bargain of the week - Clarks Shoes...

As you know I love a good Bargain! I love being able to treat myself and and my family for less, and I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I know I've saved precious pennies I can spend on fun activities or days out with my children!

So I've decided to share with you, My Best Bargains of the Week!

This week has got to be my purchases from the Clark's Sale!

Elizabeth needed some sandals for the summer so I took a look at the final reductions in the sale on the Clark's Website and ordered a few pairs to our local store to try them on! One of the things I love about the Clark's website is that they do FREE delivery to your home but they also offer free Delivery to any store without you having to pay a penny! So you can order a couple of different sizes then choose the ones you like and just pay for them when you are at the store, rather than having to fork out the cost of all of them then wait to get refunded.

I ordered a few pairs of sandals to the store and on Saturday we took Elizabeth to try them on...

As always the staff were helpful and friendly. As they went to find our order I had a quick peek at the clearance rail in store and I spotted some lovely little trainers and some Mary Jane's in her size too! So naturally we just had to try these on as well!

In the end we went for some gorgeous pink sandals and got the trainers and shoes too! Elizabeth was very impressed with her new sandals and wanted to keep them on!

But the best part was when we got to the till...

 I knew that they were all in in the sale and quite heavily discounted, but it wasn't until I went to pay that I realised just how much of a bargain we had got! All 3 pairs were just £7 each! That's 3 pairs of Clark's leather baby shoes for just £21! Definitely my Bargain of the Week...

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