Tuesday 3 April 2012

A Fun Family Movie Night with Happy Feet Two...

On Saturday we had a lovely Family day together and decided to finish it off with a fun family Movie Night! So Ben and Daddy made some popcorn while Elizabeth and I got Happy Feet Two ready to watch!

The lovely folks at Warner Brothers sent us the Triple Play Edition to review that includes a Blu Ray Disc, a DVD and an ultraviolet Digital copy!

I was rather excited about seeing the sequel to the Academy Award®-winning animated smash hit Happy Feet, which I loved!

Happy Feet Two was released on Blu Ray and DVD in the UK on 26th March 2012 and is also available in amazing 3D! They are all available from Amazon and prices start at just £9! Click here to see the trailer...

So we all snuggled together on the couch with popcorn at the ready! Funnily enough Ben had tight hold of the bowl and it didn't seem to reach Mummy or Daddy!

As we started to watch, we were immediately immersed in the beautiful animation of the South Pole, in just a few minutes I could already imagine how effective this would have been in 3D at the cinema!

We are returned to Emperor Land amidst a fabulous vocal medley with fun singing Penguin takes on Justin Timberlake's 'SexyBack' and Basement Jaxx', 'Do Your Thing' to mention just a few. We meet again Mumble, the master of Tap, who is all grown up and now a Daddy to the adorable little fluffball that is Erik! (Erik's Mummy is of course Gloria who we remember well from the first movie, However the the powerful voice we hear from her now comes courtesy of Pink, who has taken over the role from the late Brittany Murphy.)

Even though he is incredibly cute and so obviously loved, poor Erik doesn't feel like he belongs. Unable to find a reason to express himself in dance or music like his parents, he decides to run away to Adelie Land and encounters 'The Mighty Sven'... a Penguin who can fly!!

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When the world they live in is shaken by powerful forces, we see creatures of all sizes from tiny Krill (played by Brad Pitt and Matt Damon) to Elephant Seal's led by a beach master called Bryan, work together to try to save the Emperor Penguins who have been left stranded, including Erik's Mummy Gloria.

Both Ben and Elizabeth were fascinated by the cute animation and absolutely loved all of the songs, Elizabeth was dancing on my knee for most of it!) I have to say a tear came to my eye at Pink's 'Bridge of Light', an original song written for the Movie which is truly moving.

We all really enjoyed this cute family movie, it was a great way to spend a Saturday evening! Although my children are perhaps a little young to fully understand the themes in the movie, the vivid images of singing and dancing Penguins encourages their imagination and the moving story promotes valuable messages of self belief and teamwork.

The discs were packed with an abundence of special features, from sing along versions of the songs with a bouncing Erik to an interview with Alecia Moore (Pink) which Myself and Daddy watched when the little ones had gone to bed!

I was really impressed with Happy Feet Two and am now Itching to watch Happy Feet again! I can see that they will both be firm family favourites!


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