Tuesday 17 January 2012

#Miosolochallenge Day #2 - The out and about challenge...

So today was Day 2, the out & about Challenge!
Unfortunately Elizabeth is teething quite badly at the moment and was a bit poorly today so we didn't get to go very far! However we did need to pop out for a 'top up' shop, run some errands and return some books to the library then visit the grandparents! This meant a trip out in the pram and then a car journey.
I always worry that some cloth nappies will wick when Elizabeth is strapped into the buggy or the car seat for a period of time Obviously it is important that the straps are tight(ish) and secure but with some cloth nappies this can put too much pressure on the fabric and cause wicking , meaning that Elizabeth's skin gets wet and clammy. If this happens Elizabeth is likely to develop nappy rash, which although never a nice thing, would be even worse at the moment as she is already in pain and discomfort with her poorly toothy pegs coming through! I have certain types of nappy that I am very confident to use in the car (usually minky outers) but as The miosolo was new to me I had no idea how it would cope!
So it was with quite a bit of apprehension that I got the lovely and bright 'Sherbet Lemon' MioSolo out to put on Elizabeth.
We walked out to the shops with Elizabeth in the pram, picked up our bits and pieces, ran a few errands and then popped into the library. After returning the books , I took Elizabeth over to the 'Children's corner' and got her out of the buggy to have a play. At this point the Miosolo had been on for around an hour and a half, so as I lifted her out I had a quick feel of her jeans to make sure there were no damp patches, but she was completely dry and eagar to explore her new surroundings! We has a lovely play with the toys in the library, read some books and had a little toddle around! Elizabeth is fascinated by other children so got very giggly when an older little girl came over to talk to her!
Before leaving the library I wondered whether it would be worth going in the 'babychange room' and popping a new nappy on before the car journey to Granny's (just to be on the safe side) but when I had a quick sniff of Elizabeth's botty (classy I know!!) It smelt clean and she seemed happy and comfortable so I took a chance and left it!
Daddy picked us up in the car and off we went to Granny's and Grandads!
After we had arrived and Elizabeth had been thoroughly fussed over I sneaked her away to change her. Taking the Miosolo off I was very pleased to discover her skin was clean and dry inside the nappy with no sigh of clamminess or a rash! The miosolo had been on for around three and half hours at this point which is a bit longer than I would usually leave a cloth nappy. I was quite impressed, especially with Elizabeth having been strapped in both her pram and her car seat during that time!
I flushed away the liner and popped the wetnappy into our funky green Bambino mio wetbag (not provided as part of the challenge, we already had this) ready to tip into the bucket when we got home!
So on the second day of the challenge I have been impressed again by the Miosolo and it's performance while out and about!


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  2. I only brave going out for a short time when using cloth nappies and nearly always when we're just going to a friend's house.


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