Thursday 19 January 2012

#miosolochallenge Day#3 The overnight challenge

So Bambino Mio have challenged me to use the Miosolo on Elizabeth overnight! Although I have been using cloth on her botty at night since she was around six months old I have a specific part of my nappy stash that I keep as 'night time nappies', (these are made of bamboo, are bulkier that the others and take longer to dry but I know that they are thirsty enough to last the night!) So I was quite nervous about using such a slimfitting, microfibre nappy overnight even if I have been very impressed with it's performance so far!
There are a number of reasons why a nighttime nappy needs to be so much more absorbent that one that we would use during the day...

Elizabeth still breastfeeds during the night, so unlike some babies who sleep through and barely wee over night in contrast Elizabeth is quite a heavy night time wetter!

The obvious issue is the length of time its on, instead of the usual three (or at a stretch 4 hours) The cloth covering Elizabeth's botty at night has to last 11 hours! That's nearly 4 times longer!

The other main issue is that Elizabeth co-sleeps with Mummy and Daddy, so if her nappy was to leak its not just a case of quickly whipping on a new cot sheet and changing her jimjams, we would have to change all our bedding, which is not something I want to be doing in the middle of the night!
To make sure the Miosolo was as absorbant as possible we u
sed the Mioboost with it for the first time. The mioboost is an addition booster made from a highly absorbent, lightweight fibre that can absorb several times it's own weight!

Getting ready for bed....

We used the peppermint cream miosolo for this challenge and I have to say I love the colour! This definitely my favourite from the bonbon collection and would again look just as gorgeous either on a boy or a girl! A beautiful 'green' nappy for 'green' parents!!

To make sure the Miosolo was as absorbant as possible we used the Mioboost with it for the first time. The mioboost is an additional booster made from a highly absorbent, lightweight fibre that can absorb several times it's own weight!

The Miosolo comes with a very handy little pocket to slip one end of the mioboost in to keep it in place, once this is in you just tuck the inner into the pocket add the liner and there you have it! An all in one nappy with enough extra absorbency to last the night...  hopefully!
When putting the nappy on Elizabeth's botty I did notice the extra mass of the mioboost, it was noticeably bulkier on her, but at night this doesn't really matter as her jimjams are nice and stretchy! (and the cloth nappies we usually wear at night are quite bulky too!)

Elizabeth went down well after a bedtime story with her big brother and seemed comfortable in the miosolo.

The next morning....
So we ended up having a really bad night, the worst in quite a while, but the nappy was not to blame....
Elizabeth is getting two back teeth through and it is causing her a lot of discomfort and pain. (Isn't teething the worst?! I just wish I could go through it for her!) We were up for about half the night and for most of it she was completely inconsolable, poor sweetie pie...
On a few occasions through the night I did wonder whether the nappy was adding to her discomfort, but I checked it periodically and it had not leaked or wicked and her skin inside was dry, so it was just those horrid meanie teeth!
We did finally get to sleep, then (what felt like) 5 minutes later the alarm went off, beginning the morning rush! I was slightly surprised but pleased to find that both the bed sheets and Elizabeth's Pyjamas were completely dry, there had been no leaks! When I removed the nappy her skin was slightly damp and the liner had stuck to her skin a little but it did not leave a mark when I removed it, and her skin was not red or appear to be sore.

So another successful challenge! Although I already have preferred cloth nappies for night, I find it really useful to know that with the Mio solos and a Mioboost I know have a spare nappy that will last the nighttime if needed!
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Have you tried it overnight yet?

If you like what you see and you haven't tried a Miosolo for your little one yet, Bambino Mio have a fabulous #miosolochallenge offer on this week...

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