Friday 12 August 2011

Tigerlily Pirate Room Stickers

We currently live in a rented house and one of the many things I don't like is that we can't really personalise the decor, especially in Bens Room! Although we can decorate, we have to keep to neautral colours, and as we are hoping to move in the not to distant future I begrudge spending money on decorating when we could only really change to cream anyway! So our walls remain white but covered in lots of pictures (mainly of Ben and Elizabeth!)

In Bens room I have tried my best to work with the plain walls by putting up alphabet friezes and animal pictures, that co-ordinate with his bedding and curtains, However we have recently moved the furnature around in his room and it has created one bare wall where the wardrobe used to be. So I knew I had to do something about it. The perfect oppertunity came when the lovely Ruth at Tigerlilyprints offered to send us a set of Wall Stickers to review!

TigerLilyPrints are a local company who design personalised gifts and children's room accessories in popular themes such as fairy, butterfly, pirate and dinosaur. Their personalised presents are a unique special gift to give at Christenings, Naming ceremonies & birthdays and also perfect new baby presents.The range includes framed names, canvas prints, money boxes, table mats, drinks bottles, wall stickers, wall murals, clocks & door signs. Tigerlilyprints is committed to producing a unique range of design led gifts and room accessories for children. They provide high quality products at affordable prices.

You can see the full range they offer on their website

The range of Wall Stickers they have includes over 20 designs, offering boys, girls and unisex prints.

 All the designs are so beautiful that I found it really hard to choose, but I eventually decided on the Pirate Stickers as Ben is slightly Pirate Obsessed at the moment (thanks to Disney Junior's 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates!')

They arrived quickly, well packaged in a large 'non bendable ' envelope, and I opened it to find a pack containing two A3 sheets of stickers, which was plenty to decorate one wall. The pictures on the stickers included Pirates, Pirate Ships, fish and some clouds to give a lovely nautical theme! The intricate designs of the drawings looked even better in person and the vibrant colours really stand out! I decided to put them up on the wall while Ben was out swimming to give him a surprise when he got home. I am glad that I did this on my own as if I had had an excitable little helper I fear some of the stickers may have got damaged as they are only thin and would easily rip if not careful.

Rather than make a 'pirate scene' I though to be a bit different I would line the stickers up along the centre of the wall to look a bit like a border, and the finished result looks really effective! As Ben's room is quite small I still have a few left but may use them on another wall in between posters. The stickers were easy to peel off the sheet and stick on the wall. They look almost flush with the wall and don't stick out at all (which may have encouraged Ben to try to peel them off!)

When Ben got home he was very pleased and spent the whole afternoon wanting to play in his room with the 'Pirates!'

If we decided to change the theme or when we do move out the stickers will easily peel off without leaving any marks. These really are an ideal way to personalise plain walls in rented property! And are also great for kids who change their minds often about their favourite themes!

At just £9.50 for two sheets of stickers (with the pirate design this was 23 stickers) they are fantastic value for something so unique and a lot cheaper than completely redecorating a child's room every six months!

To see the design we chose or the others in the range click here.

To keep up to date with news and offers from TigerLilyPrints join their facebook page here.

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