Thursday 11 August 2011


Skibz are the funky bandana-style dribble bibs that are soft, comfortable and fantastically absorbent but look like a part of your child’s outfit rather that a bib!

The lovely people at Skibz kindly sent Mymummyspennies one of their fabulous bibs for Elizabeth to wear. It arrived very quickly and was packaged in a very funky shiny silver jiffy bag! Inside the bag the bib itself was beautifully presented in a simple cardboard sleeve.

The Skibz we have been sent is in the pale pink spots design and I love it! It’s funky and girly but also neutral enough to go with most of Elizabeth’s outfits. From pretty pink dresses to bright dungarees and funky denim pinafores it complements them all perfectly!

Skibz are dribble bibs designed for babies from birth to 3 years to wear all the time to keep their clothes and delicate skin dry. Although these bibs are not designed for feeding they do also offer a range of feeding bibs aptly named Feederz which are available from their website here.

Eight month old Elizabeth is currently teething and is a big dribbler! Before she started wearing the Skibz I had to change her tops 2 or 3 times a day because they were getting saturated! This was also causing the delicate skin under her neck and on her chest to get rashes.

So I was really hoping Skibz would be the answer!

And they were! You can feel the quality of the fabrics in the Skibz just by touching it, the unique double layer backing makes it lovely and thick and very absorbent.  You can see that they are good quality and very well made!

I found Skibz really easy to put on Elizabeth. She is a very wriggly baby so it can be hard to keep her still enough to tie a bow on some bibs but Skibz fasten with a simple popper! (There are two poppers to make the size adjustable Elizabeth is currently using the smaller fitting.)

Elizabeth has now been wearing Skibz for a while and I am very impressed! As well as looking very fashionable (we have had lots of lovely comments!) It has done its job perfectly! It really is very absorbent! While wearing the bib her clothes and skin have stayed dry and there are no rashes in sight!

It is obviously comfortable on her as she does not pull at it or try to remove it at all.

Skibz are machine washable at up to 60 degrees and dry really quickly, I have hung it up with Elizabeth’s nappies over night and it has been completely dry by morning!

As well as the beautiful pale pink spots design Skibz are available in a wide variety of different designs suitable for both girls and boys, you can check out the full selection on the website here.

Skibz retail at £9.99 and although this does sound expensive for a bib they are very good quality, wash well and will last!

Skibz can be purchased direct at and are also stocked by a wide variety of retailers, you can find your nearest here. To be kept up to date with the latest news and offers you can follow skibz on twitter and like them on facebook.

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