Thursday 11 August 2011

Clutch Powers 4D at Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester

Ever since Legoland Discovery Centre opened at Barton Square in the Trafford Centre I have been meaning to take my son Ben who is almost 4. He is a big Lego fan and I knew it would be something he would thoroughly enjoy. But for various reasons the nearest we had got to visiting so far was joining their facebook page!

Last week we were among the lucky facebook fans to be given FREE tickets to go and see the exclusive Legoland Discovery Centre Premier of the new Clutch Powers 4D film. It was just myself and Ben going as Daddy had other commitments and he took baby Elizabeth with him. I didn't tell Ben until the day because I knew how excited he would be!

We arrived quite early and were the second ones in the queue, Ben was very excited and couldn't wait to get inside. He did get a little upset and hid behind me when the Buddy Character came out to greet us (as he hates anyone dressed up for some reason - we won't be going to disney anytime soon!) but that was forgotten as soon as he saw the lego Buzz Lightyear on the way in! From then on he was pretty much awestruck for the next two hours! As we were led in we were offered the chance to have our photo take with Buddy (we politely declined this of course!) We then went up in the lift and though a fun looking corridor to enter MiniLand! Ben didn't know where to look! There was Lego everywhere, from the Blackpool Tower to Trains and even an airship! I think he would have been happy to to stay in there an explore but we had come for a reason so we moved on, While standing in the short queue for the screening of the Clutch Powers film, we were each handed a bag of free pop corn, and as we walked in to Lego Studios we were given our very funky 3D glasses to wear!
The film itself was ideal for Ben, just the right length to hold his attention, he loved the 4D effects of the wind machines and the water spray and kept telling me it was all coming out of the big TV! As we left the Studios Ben told me 'That was really fun Mummy' with a big grin on his face! We were then able to stay and enjoy the other attractions on offer for the evening. I followed Ben around while he played in the Lego fire Academy, the Lego construction site and the Duplo village. We then had a ride on the new ride Merlin's Apprentice, which Ben really enjoyed but all the peddling tired me out!

It was after this that Ben discovered his favourite part, Lego Racers: Build and test. Like most other boys his age Ben is ever so slightly obsessed with cars in any form and when he discovered the Build and Test area he was in his element. We built a variety of vehicles varying from just two wheels on a stick to more traditional lego cars and tested them on the racing tracks and a multitude of ramps! Ben loved this area and could easily have spent hours in there (and I'm sure he will when we take Daddy with us next time!)
There is plenty more to discover and explore including the Kingdom Quest Ride and the master model builder workshop but we only had limited time and we will definitely be returning in the very near future with Daddy and Elizabeth in tow.

Overall we both had a lovely fun evening and I would like to thank everyone at Legoland Discovery Centre for not just giving us the fantastic opportunity to visit but also for making our visit so enjoyable! The lovely staff were all friendly and fantastic throughout!

If you would like to visit you can check out ticket prices on the website, and they currently have a fantastic offer on if you purchase an unlimited pass for just £27pp you can get £10 worth of FREE Lego and a FREE ticket to Legoland Windsor for a limited time only!

We will definitely be retuning soon and may consider purchasing these ourselves!

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