Wednesday 10 August 2011

The Fabulous Coolfan - A Mummy Saving Buy!

The Coolfan was designed by a dad who got fed-up standing outside blowing on his impatient daughter’s food. It's an award winning funky fan that cools food quickly and hygienically.
Benefits of the Coolfan include...
Hygienic - Blowing on food is a well-known method of transferring bacteria via saliva.
Hands-Free - Giving the adults time to dish-up their meal while their children's food is cooling.
High-speed - Quickly getting food to a safe edible temperature preventing hot-spots and scalding.
Fun! - Helps picky eaters by providing a welcomr diversion. Let the kids cool their own food!
The lovely Mark, creator of the Coolfan kindly sent Mymummyspennies an Izzy coolfan to review.
I loved the idea of this funky new gadget. I have an almost 4 year and an 8 month old who both LOVE their food and get very impatient when it's waiting to cool! When the Coolfan arrived and Ben saw me taking it out of the box, he was immediately fascinated and asked what it was. When I told him it was a special fan for cooling his food he got very excited and couldn't wait for dinner time!
The fan we were sent was the IZZY, the website describes this design as the cool, calm and sophisticated member of the team with a laid back style. The IZZY has a funky purple hat and is a great design that will appeal to both girls and boys alike! There are three other designs available to choose from and they can all be found on the website here.
The fan unit itself is in a plastic 'head' with a small easy to use switch at the back, the hat unscrews to replace the batteries and the blades that are attached to the bottom of the 'head' are actually made of foam so if inquisitive little fingers get in the way they wont be hurt! The base of the unit is a good size so different plates easily fit on it and my daughters baby bowls fit perfectly in the middle. The base unit easily detaches from the fan so that it can be cleaned separately and then simply pops back in when your ready to use it again! The unit requires 2x AAA batteries and these are provided with it.
So at dinner time (slightly earlier that day as Ben just couldn't wait!) I served up Ben's steaming Tuna Pasta on to a plate and placed it under the Coolfan. Instead of the usual moans of I'm hungry, can I have it now? Is it ready yet? Both Ben and Elizabeth (looking on from her highchair) were fascinated by Izzy and watched it with interest. It worked perfectly and in only a minute or two the food was the ideal temperature for Ben to tuck in to!
Because I didn't have to stand over the plate blowing (like I usually do) I was able to sort out drinks and dish up Elizabeth's dinner while the little ones were watching Izzy! I then cooled her's down with the fan too! After I had cleared up the plates I couldn't believe that we had had a meal time without a single moan or whinge from either of them! I could get used to this!
Another time I have found this product to be invaluable is when making Elizabeths breakfast, I often giver her porridge that has to be mixed with boiled water and of course this usually takes ages to cool down, so now I simply mix the porridge with the hot boiled water and pop it under IZZY to cool while I prepare Ben's cereal.

At first although I thought that the Coolfan was a great idea, I did wonder whether it was one of those gadgets that gets used lots at first and then gets put in the cupboard and forgotten about. But I can assure you it's not! We have now had the Coolfan for a month and we use it everyday, it's simple to use, easy to clean and I get reminded by a certain 3 year old if I forget to get it out (he even made me use it on a salad last week, he kept saying 'It's too hot' and refused to eat it until I had put IZZY over it for a minute!) The only negative point I would say is that it does go through batteries quite quickly (it's on it's third set) but then most fans do and we get an awful lot of use out of it!

The Coolfan retails at £9.99 plus P&P and is well worth it! Even if you don't know it yet if you have impatient little ones or fussy eaters, Mummies you need a Coolfan!
Check out the website to find out more about the how the concept came about and to choose which one to buy!

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