Saturday 5 May 2018

My First Week on a Meal Replacement Diet #Boostbuddies

XLS nutrition meal replacement shake

Today marks the end of my first week on the #boostbuddies diet programme with XLS Medical, Last week I shared my reasons for wanting to lose weight and today I'm going to talk to you about my week and share with you how much I have lost, but first of all, I want to share my goals for weight loss.

My Goals with XLS Nutrition and #BoostBuddies

  • I want this programme to mark the start of a lifestyle change for me, not just be a short-term fad. I will be using the eight weeks of the  XLS nutrition #Boostbuddies programme to kick start my weight loss and in this time I aim to lose around 20 to 25lbs, in the longer term my aim is to lose at least 50lbs overall by the end of the year. 
  • I'd love to go down to a dress size isn't in the 'plus size' range so I have more choice over the clothes that I wear and I can dress like a woman in her early thirties rather than feeling like I'm choosing clothes designed for my Mum's generation!
  • Most of all I want to feel healthier and that I can keep up with my children (and maybe even outrun them on occasion?)

This is me one week ago at the beginning of my journey:

me before the start of my weight loss journey

What is XLS Nutrition?

XLS Nutrition is a healthy weight loss meal replacement shake. It combines high-quality proteins, essential vitamins, minerals and macronutrients into a powder that you mix with milk to make a pleasant tasting shake that replaces a meal and has fewer than 250 calories.

My First Week

I've been using the XLS Nutrition weight loss shakes for a week now, replacing breakfast and lunch with them each day and then having a healthy calorie controlled meal in the evening. I've been really motivated this week and have managed to cut out snacking completely  - I'm not sure how much I'll be able to maintain that for 7 more weeks but I will certainly be making healthier snacking choices.
I've been enjoying lots of salads for my main evening meal, mixing them up with beetroot, feta cheese and avocado and enjoying a small bowl of blueberries or raspberries as a sweet tasting pudding. I haven't drunk any alcohol at all this week either.

I've really stepped up my physical activity this week too. I've been walking lots and monitoring my steps using my Fitbit Charge HR, I hit 82000 steps this week which is my personal best since I started using the Fitbit earlier this year. I find joining inchallengess with my friends really motivating and have been choosing to walk the longer way to get to somewhere and getting off the tram a stop or two earlier and walking the rest of the way. I've also been making use of lunchtimes on the two days a week I work at home to do a 30-minute workout from youtube. A much better use of my time than watching TV!

I was quite nervous to step on to the scales this morning as I really wanted my hard work to pay off, but thankfully I wasn't disappointed:

Week 1 Weight Loss:  -7lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!

me after 1 week of XLS meal replacement shakes

me after 1 week of XLS meal replacement shakes side view

I am absolutely thrilled by the result after a week of using the XLS shakes as meal replacements twice a day. I'm not sure if I can see any difference in the pictures yet but i'm happy the scales are showing a change. I'm feeling really positive about the coming week, although I am at a blogging conference tomorrow where I know there will be lots of temptation! (If you see me there do NOT let me eat the cake!!)

Check out my video diary over on youtube.  and catch up with me on my social channels; on InstagramTwitter and Facebook,, I'd love your support and I need the motivation!

I will be back to update you next week

Disclaimer: I have received free product and support from XLS during my weight loss journey, but am not being paid. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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