Friday 13 November 2015

Find out what your car's name should be...

Does your car have a name?

The Co-operative Insurance have a fun 'Name your Ride' tool that will help you to find your car's true name!

Our car was chosen with our family in mind, it's certainly not the supercar of my husband's day dreams but for us it is ideal. A Citro├źn Xsara Picasso, we chose for it's low insurance band, spacious boot and space for 3 car seats together in the back. I have to admit that the gorgeous turquoise colour may have influenced my decision too!

I don't personally drive, yet our family car is an essential member of our brood, without it we wouldn't be able to go on most of amazing adventures that we share here. I'm seriously impressed with how much camping gear we can fit in the boot and how comfortable it is for the long drive down to Cornwall we make for our holidays.

Although I use public transport on a daily basis and am happy to get the bus, train or tram when I can, without our car at the weekends. we would really loose our freedom and my husband's long commute would keep him out of the house past our children's bedtime.

I've got to admit that despite it being such a valued member of our family, I've never really thought about giving it a name before now, but why shouldn't it have a name? We're not adverse to naming other inanimate objects in our house from, teddies to cameras, computers and even suitcases, so why not out car?

The Co-Op's interactive tool determines that our Picasso should be called Marion...

I'm not sure if it's the name I would have chosen, but I'll certainly try it out and see if it fits.

Why not try out the tool for yourself and let me know what name it chooses for your motor!

This is a collaborative post.

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