Wednesday 26 August 2015

How to Survive Legoland on a Rainy Day

How to Survive Legoland WWindsor on a Rainy Day

You'd be forgiven for thinking it was currently October rather than August considering the weather we've had recently. At the weekend we camped through a thunderstorm at a festival and today during a long anticipated and carefully panned trip to LEGOLAND Windsor we were treated to torrential rain for most of the day.

I noticed that many families left earlier than I expected and there were even people in guest services demanding refunds due to the weather. Maybe it's because we live in Manchester, known as being one of the wettest cities in the UK, but we are of the firm view that rain shouldn't stop play!

Despite it being a very soggy day we still had a fantastic time at LEGOLAND Windsor and are wholeheartedly looking forward to returning tomorrow. So I thought I'd share with you my top tips for surviving LEGOLAND Windsor on a rainy day....

Yellow Legoland Windsor ponchos on a rainy day

Buy The Big Yellow Legoland Ponchos

This is a tip that was given to me by The Boy and Me who visited the theme park earlier this week, they may not be any thicker than a carrier bag and make you look like you're wearing a shiny yellow bin bag but these branded plastic ponchos really are worth the £3.50 each, As TBAM says, 'Everyone is wearing them and they're big enough that they go down to your knees, easily covers a rucksack (and a camera case) and when you sit down your rear is covered so you don't get a wet bottom!'

S.Q.U.I.D. Surfer water ride at Legoland windsor

Go on ALL the Water Rides

Well you're wet anyway so why not? As soon as we got to the park we headed straight for the Viking's River Splash ( Rapids ) and walked right on to the ride without having to queue. we followed this up with the Pirate Falls: Treasure Quest ( Log Flume) and the S.Q.U.I.D Surfer. Many people were walking straight past these rides but as we were so wet anyway we thought we may as well enjoy the rides!

LASER Raiders at LEGOLAND Windsor

Queue for an Indoor Ride to Dry Off

LEGOLAND Windsor has a good proportion of indoor rides ad although you will find that these have longer queues in wet weather, many of the queues have activities or videos to entertain the children while you are waiting and this can give you a chance to dry off. We queued for Laser Raiders for around an hour but the children were entertained throughout and we were glad of the shelter.

Fun on the water rapids at LEGOLAND Windsor

Find Out Which Rides are Closed Due to the Weather

For health and safety reasons, LEGOLAND Windsor do have to close certain rides when the weather gets bad, so it's a good idea to pop by guest services and find out which ones are closed so you are not making a journey across the park towards a particular ride that ends up being closed.

All you can eat Pizza and pasta at LEGOLAND Windsor

Consider Eating in one of the All You Can Eat Restaurants 

I am usually an advocate of taking picnics on days out rather than paying the inflated resort prices for food that often has limited choice. However if you are sopping wet, an hours sit don in a restaurant to warm up and dry off can be worth the price, especially when the alternative is sitting on a wet bench eating soggy butties!  

smiles and funny faces on the carousel at legoland

And most of all, have fun and remember there's no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing!

I'll be sharing more pictures and fun from our LEGOLAND trip soon!


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