Monday 24 August 2015

Building a dream house from LEGO

As you may be aware our whole family are big LEGO fans so when the lovey folks at Think Money got in touch to see if we wanted to take part in a very special LEGO challenge we couldn't resist.

The challenge was for a child to build their dream house out of LEGO. Our almost eight year old Ben, took on the challenge and was sent a LEGO Classic 10695 set to get creative with and build his dream home.

He's an imaginative child so I really wasn't sure whether we'd end up with a futuristic spaceship or a huge skyscraper! What he did end up creating was more traditional looking but had some very interesting features:

At the front of the house we have traditional front door with an interesting coloured glass pane above not dissimilar to our own front door, to the right of this we have a window and if we peep inside we see a dining table with four colourful chairs.

We also see an interesting object with two eyes which Ben informs me is an oven in the kitchen! I wonder if it does the cooking for you? In another room we see  a comfortable looking sofa with a side table on which there are two 'books'.

Other features of Ben's dream house include a set of blue stairs up to the second floor and some eco friendly additions including a wind turbine and a large solar panel on the roof. Ben also created a car to park outside his house.

I have to say that i'm impressed to find that the features of Ben's 'dream house', although abstract in it's creation, are not far away from my own ideal home. The solar panel and wind turbine, the books on the table next to the sofa and maybe even the idea of an oven that will cook dinner for me!

What would your child include in their own dream house?

This post is an entry for the LEGO Dream House competition from Think Money. contains affiliate link.

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