Thursday 9 July 2015

Thank you Gift Ideas for Teacher

thank you gifts for teacher

The school holidays are fast approaching and as well as thinking of ways to entertain the children over the summer, it's time to start thinking about ways to show your child's teacher how much you appreciate them. I believe that putting time and thought into a Thank you gift for your children's teacher is more important than the money you spend so I've brought together a few simple ideas to say thanks, all for under £10...

notebook and pen stationery

Stationery. Who doesn't love a brand new notebook and pen? Package it up nicely with some ribbon and pretty cards and you have a lovely looking and useful gift that looks a lot more than the £2.48 it cost!

hand made fabric corsage broach

Why not get crafty? This cute little corsage is so simple to make and your child could even get involved. I recently tried some sewing with my four year old and she loved it! You could make it out of scraps of any fabric and use a coordinating button. It costs just pennies but it a lovely gift that shows that time and thought have been spent instead!

wine and chocolates gift

Everyone loves chocolates and wine, right? Why not team a home made gift up with some yummy chocolates and a small bottle of wine? It looks like a an expensive gift but with Lily O'Brien's Petit Desserts costing just £7 a box, this whole gift is still less than £10.

blue china vintage tea cup and saucer

If a lovely pot of Earl Grey is more your teacher's cup of tea then why not team a a pretty china cup and saucer up with some chocolates or even a candle? This blue spotty teacup and saucer was just £2.69 from Quality Save and Lily O'Brien's Tasting collection is a bargain at £1.50! This whole gift was under £5!

hand made thank you teacher cards

Whether you decide to buy a gift or make one, there is always room for a home made card, let your children express themselves and make a card that will show their teacher how much they appreciate them and will miss them.

A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart

We were sent some samples from Lily O'Brien's to include in this gift guide.


  1. Ah, some lovely ideas there! I've bought personalised shopping bags from eBay and will probably pop some treats inside for them.

  2. Aww! What lovely ideas....That stationary is gorgeous x

  3. Jen, I've just realised that I've done nothing at all about this and they finish tomorrow! I remembered you sharing this a few days ago and came looking for it - I've no time to go out tonight but you've inspired me to make tea cup candles! (I know it's not normal to happen to have everything I need to do that, but I do!)


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