Saturday 4 July 2015

Teaching My Daughter to Sew

Yesterday I taught my four year old daughter to sew... and she loved it!

Just under a year ago I was able to reduce my hours in work to spend one day at home with my four year old daughter, at first this would be be a planned day of adventure making an effort to pack as much into our day together as possible. As the weeks went by we began to take these days for granted and got into the a bit of a routine; after walking her big brother to school we'd spend an hour or so at the park, pop to the post office or local shop to run some errands and make it home just in time to get started on lunch. The afternoons would usually involve baking of some kind, reading stories, a craft activity or board game and maybe a movie while I got some bits and bobs done around the house.

Although a little repetitive I look forward to these Fridays together and so so does Elizabeth, it's her 'Mummy Time', something that as a younger sibling who has been in full time nursery since she turned one, she doesn't get a lot of on her own.

 It struck today that these Mummy and Daughter days that we have both grown accustomed to, are coming to an end sooner than I had realised. I had been aware that Elizabeth starts school in September and I will be returning to full time work a week later, however what had dawned on me yesterday was that my first born, Ben, will be breaking up fir the summer in just two weeks!

Of course I'm really looking forward to being able to spend my day off with both my children and we have all sorts of days out and adventures planned, but I will miss our girly days together.

That's why in the afternoon I really wanted to do something different.

I've always loved sewing, my Nanna taught me when I wasn't much older than Elizabeth is now and I dabbled in making some dresses as a teen, but it's not been until recent months that I've really got back into doing it again and I'd noticed that Elizabeth had stated to take an interest.

I was sewing a broach back on to a corsage i'd made when she asked if she could have a try. Showed her how to safely hold the needle and told her what to do and she made a few stitches.So rather than putting my sewing bits away after this I routed through my craft stash and found some felt scraps.

I cut a really simple purse shape out of a piece of pin felt and threaded a needle. Folding the felt down and holding the edges together I made a few blanket stitches while Elizabeth watched, she was eager to take over and copied me easily sewing along the edge until she got close to the end where I knotted it off for her. I then started her off on the other side where again she continued until she was close to the end and I tied it off, I popped a few invisible stitches in the top and then popped on a very sparkly button that Elizabeth chosen from my button box.

We then turned the whole thing inside out and voila...  A very cute little coin purse that my four year old is extremely proud of!

She really enjoyed it and has already asked what we can sew together next!

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  1. Ah, love this. She looks like she got the hang of it really quickly!

  2. Claire RidewoodMonday, July 06, 2015

    Such a lovely simple idea to get them started! I think when they are small half more of the joy is in finishing the project than actually doing it so it has to be quick!! (at least that's what it's like in my house!!) I've got a few starter ideas on my blog if you facy trying a new sewing project! #trash2treasure

  3. What a lovely idea and a great way to enjoy your Friday Mummy times together. I remember doing this as a child with my Mum, yet somehow missed doing it with Clio. It looks so effective and Elizabeth looks like quite a natural at only 4. A perfect Trash to Treasure idea, thank you for linking up and sharing with me.

  4. Tracey Radford (A Patchwork LiMonday, July 06, 2015

    Really enjoyed reading this, such a lovely thing to do with your daughter and the felt purse is sweet. I've done a little sewing with my daughter - tackling knitting at the moment which is proving to be a bit of a challenge!

  5. chantelle hazeldenMonday, July 06, 2015

    clever little lady, I'm ashamed to admit that I can't sew, should teach myself and the kids at the same time #trash2treasure

  6. I love this! I so want to teach Little Miss C to sew (she's just turned five) but my efforts to do so haven't gone well so far. Also want to teach her to knit, but as she's a leftie and I'm not I'm a tad scared about that!

  7. Linda F McGarrigleSunday, July 12, 2015

    aw that's lovely, it's really nice to be able to spend time and teach our little ones x


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