Sunday 25 January 2015

#Project365 week 4 Days 18 - 24

Another week has passed and here are my pictures from the last seven days...

Day 18

Thor Marvel toy from Kinder Egg

Not a very exciting Sunday but Elizabeth was thrilled to find her second favourite Marvel character in her Kinder Egg treat!

Day 19

Eating Healthy - Pasta and Salad

It may be most of the way through January but I am starting to put my healthy eating plan in to motion and really enjoyed my delicious dinner tonight, filling 3/4 of my plate with salad and veggies.

Day 20

Frozen shoes featuring Anna and Elsa

The postman brought Elizabeth these new Frozen themed shoes featuring Anna and Elsa today, she was delighted and insisted on trying them on before bedtime!

Day 21

Eating Healthy - Greek Salad

Another food photo! I couldn't resist sharing the photograph of my dinner tonight, a simple but tasty salad of Feta, olives, rocket and cucumber... Yum!

Day 22

poorly little girl

This little one was poorly in nursery today. I was quite surprised to arrive to pick her up and be told that she had been quite sick earlier on in the day. I would have expected a call, even though I was at work I could have made some arrangements to pick her up earlier. We had a cuddly evening and an early night.

Day 23

National Trust Handbook 2015

Today the latest National Trust Handbook popped through our letterbox and I enjoyed flicking through and planning where we would visit when we holiday in Cornwall later this year.

Day 24

Cheeky Chap in Gap Sweater

Somebody looked very grown up today in his new GAP kids sweater, and he looked very relaxed lying across the fluffy rug!

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  1. I'm most surprised and perturbed that you didn't recieve a call from the school.
    Loving the shoes and the salads

  2. Those shoes are awesome! My girl would kill for
    I always thought if I child was sick the school/nursery were required to phone home....I hope she's feeling ok now x

  3. I'm loving the new Kinder Egg toys and those Frozen shoes are fab!

  4. I love Elizabeth's new shoes, they are so pretty.

  5. Elaine LivingstoneFriday, January 30, 2015

    love the lying on the rug pic, so relaxed and natural. what great slippers. My children always liked the toys in kinder eggs as well. Not an olive lover, find them very bitter. Commenting on behalf of Project 365 as well as myself.


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