Saturday 28 June 2014

Top Up Summer Wardrobes: Cheap Threads for Kids

The summer months are just around the corner, and the winter threads that may be taking up valuable wardrobe space just won’t do when the sun comes out in full force.

 While some parents may not have to worry about what cash they spend on their kid’s clothes, others are fretting about having to clothe their children for the new summer season on a tight budget.

After all, it’s not cheap, especially if you have more than one to kit out! 

However, if you know where to look, your money will go much further, and with George at ASDA you’ll be surprised at how much fantastic stuff you can get for next to nothing.

Take a look at some of these fantastic pieces, and add them to your trolley next time you go to the supermarket:


Little lads of all ages will love the bold colours that the George collection has to offer, and will stand out this summer in some bright new threads. Summer is all about colour – nothing drab and boring, thank you very much! 

Here are some of our favourites:

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  • Character T’s, such as the ‘I’m Hungry!’ T shirt for as little as £3,  that’s cheaper than a kid’s magazine! Alternatively, opt for a retro favourite, such as the fabulous Gremlins T shirt for £5 – perfect for your cute little Gizmo.
  • Boy’s jeans at George are the perfect thing to wear for everyday summer fun, with various styles and colours available, including cuffed, turn-ups, twisted seam and skinnies.
  • Snapback caps appear to be all the rage with boys at the moment, and you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on them. You can pick them up from George for £5. Sorted!
  • Cargo shorts and turn up denims are not only affordable, but of great quality and totally comfortable. Kit them out for summer with a few pairs of each, which can easily be mixed and matched with shirts, tee’s and polos.


    Shopping for little girls isn’t always easy, especially when they like to have a say in what they wear and have very clear ideas about what they think looks pretty and stylish. Take her to the shops with you so that she can choose what she loves, and your princess will be smiling from ear to ear.

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  • Skinny jeans are super cool, and look fantastic with plain white T shirts or vest tops. Pick up some bright and bold ones to stand out from the crowd, or some simple distressed denims that will go with everything.
  • Pretty skirts such as the gorgeous white and pink cutwork skirt at George for £8 will make your little diva look and feel amazing. Team with some cute ballet pumps or sandals for an outfit perfect for a summer day.
  • Bargain price 3-packs of t shirts, in reds, whites, pinks and lilacs give you the chance to mix and match, all for as little as a fiver.
  • Online exclusive dresses, such as the Tropical Print Dress for £12, would be perfect for days where dressing up is a must.
Kids never seem to stop growing, so don’t overspend on high street labels when you don’t have to. Shop at George and you’ll get far better value for money!

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