Tuesday 20 May 2014

Pirate Gran Sails into The Lowry - #Win a Family Ticket

My children love pirates, in fact my three year old daughter currently thinks she is one (when she's not Captain America of course!) So when I heard that Scamp Theatre were bringing Pirate Gran to the Lowry during half term I knew we had to go and see it!

 Meet Gran. She bakes. She knits. You’d never guess she was a Pirate!

Pirating isn’t the life for everyone, but Gran says if you don’t mind sleeping in a hammock and being called Scary Mary, then it’s a career more girls should think about. With a pet crocodile under her bed, a wicked sense of humour and a whole raft of adventures under her belt, time with Gran is never dull!

Scamp Theatre and Watford Palace Theatre bring the popular children’s books, Pirate Gran by Geraldine Durrant to the stage, following highly acclaimed stage adaptations of Stick Man and Tiddler and other Terrific Tales.

Pirate Gran’s crew will be bought to life by a talented cast with Pauline Goldsmith as Pirate Gran alongside Martyn Dempsey, Jack Maurice and Peta Maurice. There is puppetry designed by Toby OliĆ©, associate puppetry director of the National Theatre’s production of War Horse. Toby was involved in the development of the puppetry for War Horse and was also one of the puppeteers who played Joey the horse on stage.

Pirate Gran is directed by Pieter Lawman with music by Benji Bower, set and lighting design by James Lewis, puppet design by Toby OliƩ and costume design by Katie Sykes. It is produced by Scamp Theatre and Watford Palace Theatre.

Suitable for Ages 3+

Pirate Gran

Thu 29 May – Sat 31 May
Times Thu 2pm, Fri & Sat 11am & 2pm
Tickets: Children £11.50, Adults £15 (includes £2 booking fee)
Family Tickets £42 (includes £4 booking fee)
Quays Theatre

Box Office Information
Box Office Tel: 0843 208 6000

Popular children’s books, Pirate Gran, are brought to life on stage for seafaring children and their shipmates of all ages.

Watch the trailer here...

If you would like to Win a family ticket (4 tickets for any mixture of adults and children –it doesn’t matter) for Thu 29 May, 2pm performance (this date only) follow the rafflecopter instructions below! 

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  1. Lucy's mad houseTuesday, May 20, 2014

    Shame this is so far away, George would have loved this

  2. Jolly Joseph, Bruised-leg Bill for William and No-sleep Chris for the baby!

  3. captain cheeky charles

  4. Victoria DoranTuesday, May 20, 2014

    Captains long legs and trumpet trousers.

  5. TheBrickCastleTuesday, May 20, 2014

    They'd be Gingerbeard - the 2 little ones both say they'll grow a beard when they're older :)

  6. He is Pirate Jake - as he is obsessed with Jake and the Neverland pirates and he happens to be called Jake!

  7. Captain Ben and Shipmate Chlo Chlo!

  8. Captain Lego fanatic! Quite self explanatory really :)

  9. Captain Isabella and her side kick Shipmate Tom tom. Isabella is the youngest in the family but definately the boss, so captain Isabella it is!

  10. Captain Bossy Boots, the name speaks for its self lol.

  11. Catherine McAlindenSunday, May 25, 2014

    Captain Rhyme A Lot, everything is done in verse these days!

  12. Captain Troll! (because troll is her nickname)

  13. Lilly the Toothless (shes lost the front teeth at the moment so is looking extremely pirate like) :)


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