Tuesday 20 May 2014

Morning Already?! #MorningStories

The lovely folks at Belvita and Britmums know that mornings with the family can be rather hectic so they sent out a selection of belVita Breakfast biscuits for me to enjoy as part of a tasty balanced breakfast, even during the mad morning rush when I've got one shoe on, can't find my keys and my hair is still wet! 

The yummy  belVita available in Yogurt Crunch, Duo Crunch and new Crunchy! My favourites are the classic belVita fruit & fibre breakfast biscuits, as well as containing at least five wholegrains, being rich in cereals, a source of fibre and containing a selection of vitamins they also satisfy my sweet tooth in the morning!

I was asked to share my #morningstories with you but as parents we all know what a manic rush the morning routine can be so rather than boring you all I decided to write this little ditty... I hope you like it!

Morning in our house is a bit of a rush...
From running round giving kids hair a quick brush

To checking school bags, books read, lunches packed 
After three years, you'd think I'd have this whole thing hacked

Permission slips to sign but no pens in sight,
Do you think that my eyeliner will be alright?!

 'Mum I need money for gardening club'
'...and wellies and gloves and my worms in a tub!'

Ready at last, then the small one, she shouts...

Mummy, I NEED a wee!
Just as the eldest pipes up, so does he...

Out the door finally as the sun turns to rain
Hands full and brollies up as we run down the lane,

Quiet at last as I jump on the bus,
Off to work for a rest away from this fuss!

 I'd love to hear about your #morning stories too...

This post is an entry for #MorningStories Linky Challenge sponsored by belVita. Learn more at www.facebook.com/belVitaUK

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  1. Fabulous poem with many familiar elements. Commenting for myself @kateonthinice and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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