Thursday 24 April 2014

How to make paper daffodils in a vase - Spring Crafts

I'd like to welcome the lovely Clare from Emmy's Mummy and Harry's too who has kindly shared a lovely spring craft tutorial; how to make paper daffodils in a vase...

Spring is here and we are surrounded by beautiful flowers emerging - Tulips and Daffodils are plentiful at the moment but sadly they don't last long once in your home.

Why not make your own with the kids which will last forever?

I promise they are really easy to make, I did these with my 4 year old Emmy and it only took around 20 minutes and very little prep.

You will need:
Toilet roll tube  (or kitchen roll tube cut in half)
Yellow card or paper
Orange paper
Green paper
Any colour paper for your vase

To start cover the toilet roll with coloured paper.  To do this draw a circle and cut around this - I used the cellotape roll to draw around for ease.  Put this aside and use the rest of the paper to cover the toilet roll (place the roll in the middle of the paper and roll the paper around), you will be left with excess paper at both ends of the roll, cut slits into this paper and press inside of the tube to hide - this is the top of the vase, cut slits in the bottom but pull them outwards this time.  Place the bottom of the vase onto the circle shape you cut out and glue all together, trim and you are finished.

Next up are the daffodils.

Take an A4 piece of green paper and cut in half.  Roll this up into a tight tube (or use a green straw!) and cellotape into place.  This is the stem of your daffodils.

Next take a yellow piece of A4 paper, fold in half, then in half again and finally one more time.  Then draw petal shapes onto the paper - make sure the bottom of the petal is drawn over the folds in the paper.

Cut these out and unfold, you will have quite a few double petals.  Take 3 of these and arrange over each other in a flower shape and stick together.

Now you need to cut a small circle shape from the orange paper - I made rough circle shapes by cutting a square and rounding the edges.  Add glue to the middle of this circle and glue to the centre of your yellow petals - to make the shape I found it was best to place your finger into the centre of the orange circle and pull the edges up around my finger to form the cups.

Lastly cellotape the stems onto the flowers, pop into your vase and you have an ever lasting vase of flowers.  If you like you can then decorate the vase with stickers, ribbons or with drawings.


  1. chantelle hazeldenThursday, April 24, 2014

    haha finally flowers I won't be able to kill lol gret tutorial x

  2. Thank you for having me today.
    Ours are still in Emmys room and no water ends up on the bed this way!

  3. aww these are so cute and I rememebr making these! xxx

  4. Lucy's mad houseFriday, April 25, 2014

    This is a great idea, even molly can have a go at these

  5. oh, this is great! Do-able for an almost 3-year old and I and we have all the supplies. Thank you!

  6. That's really sweet. I used to make flowers every spring with children and they were never as simple as that I'm sure :)

  7. How cute are they! Much better than my version and a whole lot easier too!
    x x


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