Thursday 13 February 2014

Bath Time Fun with Nemo Bubbles from H&A

Getting dirty is fun! Fact.

Getting toddlers clean, not so much...

We were sent a bottle oH&A Nemo bath bubbles  to try out and see if we could make getting clean at bathtime just as fun as getting mucky in the first place...

My children love mucky fun, whether that be jumping in muddy puddles at the park, getting covered in paint while getting their craft on or 'helping' me bake cakes and giving themselves a flour shower!

The first thing I noticed when the bath bubbles arrived was the packaging; the plastic bottle has a wide flat bottom which means it's sturdy and not likely to slip off the side of the bath, the lid is nice and secure so that little hands can't get into it to 'play'!

The cute Nemo themed graphics really appealed to my children and they got excited for bath time!

The packaging also tells us that this Soft & Gentle Bubbly Bath is dermatology tested, hypoallergenic, tear free and suitable from birth. Being hypoallergenic is important to me as both myself and my son have very sensitive skin and have to careful with bath products that have strong perfumes or chemicals as they can cause us to come out in a rash.

I'm often having to say no to the fun character branded products that my children take a fancy to in the shops as I can't be sure that they won't cause a reaction.

I love that this H&A bubbly bath is able to combine fun bright coloured, Disney themed packaging that appeals to children with a product specially formulated for delicate skin. It's win win!

As you know I'm always aware of how much i'm spending and at just £1.50 for a 300ml bottle, I would say that's rather good value!

We used a small amount in the bath that my two children shared (they always share baths, as well as saving on energy costs, it's more fun!) and it created quite a lot of lovely soft and gentle bubbles!

Inspired by the cute little Clown fish on the packaging the children had great fun pretending to swim around and covering themselves in bubbles they even drew fish shapes in the bubbles with their fingers!

They had so much fun in the bath that they didn't want to get out but I tempted them with a promise of one more fun activity before bedtime...

H&A and Tots100 are recruiting for a dedicated Bathtime Fun Squad and we would love to be part of it so after the littles were all dry and wrapped up warm in their pj's we set ourselves a challenge...

To write a poem about our bathtime fun!

So here it is; written by Ben (6), Elizabeth (3) with a little bit of help from Mummy (29)...

We love to climb up high trees 
To jump in puddles 
And fall on our knees,

We love to make a mess 
If there's a chance to explore
We shout a big loud yes

We love to have fun with art
Out comes the craft box 
And we're ready to start

When baking cakes we get mucky,
Flour everywhere!
Save one for Daddy if he's lucky..

After a enjoying adventures all day
It's time to get clean,
Mummy calls, "Bathtime, this way"

But we're still playing, we plead,
There's treasure hunts to plan,
And dollies to feed...

Then we spot something fun from H&A
It's our clownfish friend, Nemo!
Oh Mummy, why didn't you say?

We quickly jump in the bath, 
There's bubbles galore! 
Splish! Splash! We giggle and laugh,

While we clap hands and sing,
We're getting clean ,
But don't notice a thing!

With funny faces and a bubble beard,
We start to catch on,
Bathtime is joyful, not scary as feared!

Soon we are ready and done,
Clean, happy and tired,
Let's meet here tomorrow for more good clean fun!

Happy Splashing....

Disclaimer: We we sent a 300ml bottle of H&A soft & Gentle Bubbly bath in exchange for this review and are entering this post for the chance to become members of the Bathtime Fun Squad!


  1. Ah, that looks like so much fun! I feel like our two miss out on the fun of bathtime a bit as we only have a shower. They have to go to their grandparents' house for a bath!

  2. It looks like they had a lot of fun getting mucky and then cleaning it all off. xx

  3. The explorer's mum!Friday, February 14, 2014

    Ah, lovely. What a fab poem :)

  4. Lovely poem! We spend quite a bit on bath products as I've only found one thing Lily doesn't react to. This sounds like it's worth a try!

  5. What a fab poem- you have my vote! :D

  6. hehe love it! You would def get my vote too x

  7. I too think it's a great poem. I love the H&A stuff, it smells so nice :)

  8. Great poem and I'm sold, we've just run out of Mr Matey so might have to try this x

  9. Now that's not a boring review. :-) fab. I think we'll try that. The little little has sensitive skin so good to hear it wasn't a prob. X


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