Saturday 18 January 2014

#project365 Week 3

#project365 week 3

Day 12

Today we went round to the Grandparents' and decided to pitch our new tent that we managed to nab in the Boxing Day Sales for just £165 a complete bargain as it usually retails at £400! We put it up to check over and the children had great fun running around it and helping up to fold it back up! They can't wait for our first camping trip of the year!

Day 13

Monday was a long day, busy in work and the weather was miserable! We were shattered and shivering when we got home so I threw together a quick dinner of Pasta Bake and Salad, it was just was we needed to warm up!

Day 14

Today I took the afternoon off work to attend the Negotiation Academy put on by it was a great afternoon and I learnt a lot, I also enjoyed the yummy afternoon tea at the luxurious Great John Street Hotel in Manchester. Look out for the first post this weekend!

Day 15

The Boots 70% off Sale started today and I went straight to the Manchester Arndale Store after work and stocked up on bargain gifts, toys and hair products to last the year. Pictured are some great craft sets I got that will be perfect for rainy day fun!

Day 16

Elizabeth baked cakes at Pre-School today and showed it off to us very proudly when we picked her up!

Day 17

On Friday I joined some fellow bloggers and good friends to celebrate the lovely Karen aka Grumpyish Mum's Birthday at the Frog & Bucket Comedy Club in Manchester, it was a fab night and we may have drank a little bit of Vino...

Day 18

After an early start for Babyballet (while I was still feeling a bit delicate!) we popped t the shops to buy a new bookcase to store all the new books that Father Christmas brought the Children and decided to treat ourselves to lunch at Pizza Hut, Ben was a little disappointed to see the menu no longer offered the smiley face Pizza so he decided to make his own from his side salad!

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  1. HI there I am new to 365 and blogging as well. Do you use a collage maker to present your weekly photos? Thanks Sarah

  2. That looks like a nice cup of tea. she did a good job with that cupcake. that smiley face is the bomb!

  3. tooo much vino is allowed every now and then and as long as you had a great time/..... then yay! that tent was a complete bargain ! i love the food face x

  4. I was a bit late to the Boots sale but I still managed to get a few bargains, well done you. Mich x

  5. I didnt get time to visit the Boots sale but heard of some fab bargains!! Love the pizza smiley faces #project365

  6. Well done on the Boots bargains, I might get there one year! We bought a tent off a friend and we are very excited about a summer of camping next year, I hope we get some nice weather.

  7. some super shots honey .. i love the boots sales :-)

  8. Hi Sarah I use pic monkey for my collages , super quick and simple :)

  9. Wow you had a good bargain with that tent, nothing could possess me to camp though!

    Thank you for linking up to Project 365

  10. disqus_dIRjNoslspSunday, January 19, 2014

    You always seem to do such fun things Jennifer! Really diverse them!

  11. Karen English Pt-vipSunday, January 19, 2014

    Great pics well done on your bargains

  12. Thank you. I'll have a look.

  13. Great foodie photos! Love that smiley pizza :)

  14. Some fab pics! I love afternoon tea!


I love to read your comments, thank you for sharing your thoughts.