Thursday 16 January 2014

Buying your Dream Home - Find out what you can get for your money

Do you fantasise about your Dream Home? I certainly do! We are currently trying to reach the first rung on the property ladder and have been looking into what we can get for our money. It has been interesting to find out what's out there.

We all know property prices can vary significantly, but do you know the average house price of each region in the country, or the most expensive region vs the least expensive?

The fun infographic below will let you find out the average house price in your region and you can share this with your friends, so they too can find out what they can afford with their budget.

Buying your dream home - what can you get for your money infographic

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  1. God I constantly fantasise about my perfect family home, usually after I've just fantasised I've won the lottery... lol ;) Then I find some on rightmove and e-mail them to my husband! lol x He LOVES it.


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