Monday 2 September 2013

What to wear to celebrate my birthday?

I have a love hate relationship with clothes at the moment.

I love them, but they seem to hate my body! 

I am bigger than I want to be and am working on changing that but in the meantime I HAVE to wear clothes (I'm not allowed to live in my dressing gown apparently!) 

Over the last few months I have feel as though I have been covering my self up in clothes rather than 'wearing' them.  

However that is GOING TO CHANGE.

It's my birthday this week and I'll be celebrating with a meal at Red Hot Buffet in Manchester and then a few drinks out with my hubby and I want to wear something that will help me feel good as well as hopefully looking nice too! I'm also attending PlusNorth - a plus size fashion event - this weekend and want to find something that I can wear for the evening of that as well. So the dress I am looking for needs to satisfy a dual purpose.

Being a busy mum I don't really have time to wander around the shops so tend to resort to browsing online, however even that can take up too much time, looking through different websites not seeing anything that really inspires me. So I was thrilled when was recommended to me.

Style in View is a really nifty fashion search engine that trawls through the likes of ASOS, Debenhams, New Look, Topshop, Lipsy, Next, Oasis and Dorothy Perkins so you don't have to! It's really easy to use and so quick to narrow down by size, price, colour and so much more. Within ten minutes I had found a selection of dresses that I thought would be great for my birthday night out, now I just needed to dwindle them down to 'The One'.

And that's where my favourite feature comes in very handy. Style in View allows you to create a 'look', (which can include shoes and accessories too) and then share it on social  media or email it to your friends so it's really easy to get their input!

In my experience no one knows what suits you better than a friend, so you can send them your look and they can easily 'veto' that style or colour that they just know doesn't flatter you! It's so much easier than an email filled with links from various different sites that even the best of friends may get bored with part way through.

There are lots of other great features too, including the ability to opt in to alerts if any items that you have in your 'look' go on sale! What a fabulous idea!

So my lovely readers, I count you as friends as you know so much about me, can you help?  Can you check the look I have created below and let me know what you think?

I'm looking for dress that I can wear for both a birthday meal out and for Saturday night at Plus North, which of the above would you choose? be honest! I look forward to reading your recommendations!

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