Friday 30 August 2013

The Kids Only Cookbook by Sue Quinn - Review

the kids only cookbook review

My son Ben is almost six and loves to get involved in preparing and cooking our food, anything from baking bread and cakes to preparing vegetables and cooking pasta. He is getting quite skilled and is able to prepare simple meals with minimal supervision, so when we were offered the chance to review the fabulous new Kids Only Cookbook by Sue Quinn it was ideal!

Ben was so excited when it arrived (I mean seriously, he doesn't get this excited for toy reviews!) and couldn't wait to get cracking!

The kids only cookbook by sue quinn

The book is bright and colourful and full of images from cover to cover, really appealing to children! The recipes are presented in a cartoon style, with step by step photographs, Ben found these really easy to follow.

There are some amazing things to make from Fairy Bread to sticky toffee pudding in a jar to no recipe pancakes and much much more!

But it's not just about recipes, there's a great section at the front that has some really useful tips from how to cook the perfect white rice to how not to cut your finger off while chopping! (A rather important tip, that one!)

the kids only cookbook

Ben wanted to make all of the recipes immediately, so we looked at a few, but the one that caught his eye first was the Paper Bag breakfast! He loves BBQ's and is a dab hand at cracking eggs (lots of practice making cakes!)

paper bag breakfast

We took a disposable BBQ on our camping trip and Ben made us breakfast!

He made one each for himself, Daddy and Elizabeth and they all loved them! (Mummy's a silly vegetarian so had poached eggs instead!) This was a great way to have breakfast while camping and Ben has decided he wants the same every weekend!!

So what do you think? Have you ordered it yet? Just in case you need any more convincing I thought I'd share with you a very special sneak peek of another recipe in the book for you, this one is for those of you with a sweet tooth...

Here's a very entertaining video of these yummy sounding chocolate meringue kisses being made! It's a fab recipe that we will definitely be trying soon and I love the awesome way of separating the egg whites!

We will also be trying out the Tin Can Ice Cream recipe which looks like great fun so watch this space for another fab recipe coming soon...

The Kids Only Cookbook can be purchased from Amazon for just £9.09 currently! (RRP £12.99) Well worth it! If you do buy it, let me know how you get on with your child's favourite recipe.


  1. Breakfast looks awesome - always trying to think of new things to give Jessamy. She loves eggs so it can't go wrong! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Looks like fun!!! Looks a good one for kids to try, thanks for sharing!

  3. This is fab! That egg is cooked to perfection! I should really get my 5 years old to get cooking lol x

  4. What a fab and easy way to cook breakfast. It would be fab for cub camp I think!

  5. I am so buying this book for my boys !!! Looks amazing :) xx

  6. While I don't have kids the breakfast looks really interesting.

  7. This looks like great fun. I am always trying to get my eldest to get involved in the kitchen - this might be a good place to start - thanks for this!

  8. my 9 yo made our breakfast pancakes this morning, great to get kids cooking early

  9. Might have to add this to my Ben's list for Father Christmas ;)

  10. Wow he is so good! I need to find ways to get Gracie involved in cooking

  11. well done ben! what a yummy breakfast!


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