Wednesday 25 September 2013

Preparing for a good night's sleep...

Freshly made bed - new purple floral bedding

As Autumn approaches and the days get shorter I find myself needing more sleep. Over the summer I seemed to be able to survive on much less, often going to bed in the early hours after spending time catching up on emails, writing blog posts or even doing the ironing (!) and still able to be (relatively) bright and bushy tailed at dawn the next day. However as the evenings slowly get darker and the nights colder I don't seem to be able to function on such little sleep anymore and recently I've found myself falling asleep at the laptop before the clock has struck midnight, then being really groggy in the morning.

I need to try to go to sleep earlier but for me that's easier said (or typed!) than done.

For as long as I remember I've suffered from insomnia and found it really difficult to switch off. I try to do something such as reading in bed to help me wind down but that rarely helps. One thing I try to do to make sure I'm able to fall asleep in bed rather than at an uncomfortable desk is to make my bed as inviting as possible, recently it's looked a little tired with pillows that are far from plump and bedding that has seen better days.

So I decided to give my bed a mini makeover!

Anti allergy pillows from John Lewis

I was sent a pair of gorgeously thick and bouncy Anti Allergy Pillows from John Lewis and found this lovely floral bedding with 70% off at ASDA. Add some plastic pink Gerbera I found in TKMaxx for £1.50 and there I had it, a bargain bed makeover that really brighten's up my bedroom and is much more inviting than my computer desk!

I don't know about you but I believe their aren't many things in life better that a freshly made bed!

How do you make you bed inviting?

  This is a featured post, we were sent the pillows free of charge in exchange for writing this post.


  1. Just looking at it makes me tired! Very pretty :)

  2. Love the duvet set - purple is my fave colour! :) x


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