Saturday 21 September 2013

#Bargainoftheweek Stocking fillers from Boots....

It's the time of year when the shops are trying to clear the shelves ready to stock them back up with the latest must have toys that are streamed in to your living room from the children's channels all day long ( you know, the ones your children will be begging you for in December and will then discard into the toybox in the corner in January!)

However, in order to have enough space to fleece as much money as possible out of you over the next few months the retailers have to get rid of the stock (much of which will be the same things but just in slighty older packaging!) currently residing on their shelves, and how do they do this? Sell them off cheap of course!

So smart Mummies like us will be starting their Christmas shopping early...

bargain stocking fillers from Boots

This week I visited Boots and managed to get all of the toys and gifts in the above picture for just ten pounds.

Yes .... TEN POUNDS!

As a final clearance they are selling their 'old stock' toys and gifts for 75% off AND the '3 for 2' Christmas promotion still works too!

I purchased...

Gruffalo wash set -  £3.00
Summer Infant Bubble machine £3.00
Mike the Knight create your own moneybox set £2.50 Free!
Everything's Rosie Plush doll £2.00
Thomas bath time stacking cups £2.00
 Maccano build and play set £1.70 Free!

Six great Christmas gifts for just £10!

They also had these Mike the Knight Smart Shields for £5.50....
mike the knight smart shield

As well as some other great buys so it you are near a boots store this week why not pop in?

What Christmas presents have you bought so far?


  1. This is fab! Popping out shortly so I'll certainly pop into our Boots for a nosy. I've been quite organised this year. I have robo fish, new shoes, skylabders and clothes/jammies in so far. Hoping to be done by the end of Nov! xx

  2. Fantastic bargains, I like the stacking cups. I'm going to go and have a look today.

  3. me too will go and have a look!

  4. That is such an impressive haul! It scares me buying stockingfillers this early though because I always see loads between now and Christmas and end up blowing the budget!

  5. I bought an Orchard Toys game back in March from Tesco when it was reduced!! I don't normally buy quite that early but it was still too grown up for my son's birthday in July so it's been saved for Christmas lol.

  6. Some fantastic bargains there hun! :) x


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