Wednesday 31 July 2013

How well do you know the British Countryside?

Cumbrian Cottages recently ran a competition on Mumsnet where they asked 1500 families if they could identify four UK tourist hotspots in the British countryside by seeing just a single image .

I had a go myself and I have to admit that my geography knowledge is a bit lacking, but being a a lover of the great British countryside and its beautiful offerings I was fairly confident, being unsure on just one location, that I soon realised was Holy Island.

I grew up in the the Merseyside town of Crosby and spent much of my childhood exploring the Sefton Coast so there was one image that I immediately recognised even though the beach as I remember it has been changed somewhat by the arrival of Anthony Gormley's art installation; Another Place. Apparently though this location was not as obvious to all as only 80% of those taking part correctly identified this lovely beach which I hold such fond memories of.

So why not take a look at the images below....

 Which ones do you recognise? Would you have been able to identify other countryside treasures in the UK?

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  1. I was looking at old photos last night and there's my family on Crosby beach with the Anthony Gormley statues! It's a lovely beach, you were very lucky to grow up there x

  2. I know Alnwick castle....That's not too far from me...The others had me stumped even Holy Island which isn't too far from :/


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