Monday 29 July 2013

AEG UltraCaptic Ucanimal Review - Guest Post

AEG Ultracaptic Ucanimal

We were recently asked to take a look at the very pretty AEG UltraCaptic Ucanimal vacuum cleaner and with a house which has more types of flooring that you can imagine I had a feeling that this pretty vacuum cleaner would certainly be put through its cleaning paces. Popping together the UltraCaptic is really simple, a couple of clicks here and it’s ready for action which is great when you have a inquisitive toddler demanding that you play cars NOW!

AEG UltraCaptic Ucanimal

If you’re anything at all like me then the first thing you’ll consider when buying any household appliance is what you’re getting for your money and with an extensive list of features it certainly seems that the AEG UltraCaptic ticks all the boxes. Before I’d had chance to test out the UltraCaptics features I was won over with its pretty looks, Monster seems to think it's some kind of Transformer little does he know that it's way cooler than that! However I’ve quickly discovered the UltraCaptic Ucanimal is not only stylish but both functional and practical too. The UltraCaptic Ucanimal has 5 power settings and comes equipped with three different nozzles not to mention a very useful AeroPro 3-in-1 tool which certainly met all of my cleaning needs.

  UltraCaptic Ucanimal Nozzles 

 The UltraCaptics Turbo nozzle is perfect for getting up up pet hair whilst the Parketto nozzle makes cleaning hard flooring a breeze. However my favourite nozzle has to be the AeroPro Silent nozzle which cleans with next to no noise and can be switched between hard and carpet floors with ease. The AeroPro 3-in-1 tool can be switched between a fine crevice tool, a small upholstery tool and a soft brush in a matter of nano seconds and is ideal for tackling sofas and curtain, dusting skirting boards and window sills and cleaning those hard to reach places like down the side of the bed which only a skinny armed giant can normally reach.

AEG UltraCaptic 3 in 1 tool

Admittedly at around 6.9kg this bag less cylinder vacuum cleaner isn’t the lightest on the market which may not be ideal for some buyers however it does make up for it in comfort thanks to its super soft AeroPro Ergo handle, AeroPro aluminium telescopic tube and easy to manoeuvre rubber wheels. Another very handy feature is the UltraCaptics HEPA 13 allergy filtration which traps even the smallest particles of dust, dirt and general grime whilst only letting out pure and simple fresh air out which is perfect for the poor allergy sufferers amongst up. Whilst I am mightily impressed with all of these fab features my absolute favourite has to be the UltraCaptics Compact, Remove and Go! emptying system. Now at one point or another we’ve all experienced a face full of dust when trying to empty a bag less vacuum haven’t we? Well this very practical emptying system prevents dust clouds from attacking and sneezing fits errupting – check it out below, it's
very cool.

  AEG UltraCaptic ; Compact , Remove and Go 

 I’ve been using the AEG UltraCaptic Ucanimal for few weeks now and I have been bowled over with its style, functionality and practicability, it really is the best vacuum cleaner I've ever owned and being the clean freak I am I'm owned a fair few! 

 Priced at around £299 the AEG UltraCaptic is at the higher end of the price market but as they say you get what you pay for and this stylish vacuum cleaner is certainly worthy the pennies and is certainly one which I will be recommending to my friends and family. 

 This was a guest post from the lovely Nicola from, why not pay her a visit and check out her other thoughts on the AEG UltraCaptic?

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