Tuesday 2 July 2013

Chef's table at Red Hot World Buffet - Review

selection of food from Red Hot World Buffet Manchester

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to attend a special event at Red Hot World Buffet in Manchester. I was invited to join some fellow bloggers to dine at the Chef's Table and experience a selection of dishes specially selected by Head Chef Anurag Bisht.

I walk past this Deansgate restaurant on a daily basis but i'd never had the pleasure of dining here, although I had heard some very good things about both the food and the whole dining experience so I was really looking forward to trying it for myself. Red Hot World Buffet was born in Nottingham in 2004 completely transforming the concept of all-you-can-eat dining. Rather than cooking behind the scenes, expertly trained five star chefs were stationed at live cooking counters interacting with customers and creating a 'restaurant within a restaurant' concept. This proved so popular that the brand soon expanded throughout the UK.

The Manchester venue is one of seven branches of Red Hot World Buffet throughout the country and in 2012 it expanded to include a second level offering beautifully decorated function rooms to cater for a variety of corporate occasions. It was one of these luxurious rooms where we were treated to a delightful evening.

I was really looking forward to a night of 'me time', the chance to shrug off the label of 'Mummy' for the evening and have a grown up chatter with some lovely local bloggers, I was not disappointed!

red hot world buffet manchester Chef's Table Menu

On arrival we were treated to a Red Hot signature cocktail that along with an delicious mix of liqueurs and peach syrup, included a whole blended plum! It was mouthwatering and very easy to drink, so refreshing! It was easy to see how months of research had gone into perfecting this drink right down to the aesthetically pleasing garnishes and shaped glasses...

 Red hot world buffet signature cocktail

After being personally introduced to our chef for the evening and served with a wine matched perfectly to the first of seven courses, we were presented with the Amuse Bouche, which for me was Avocado and Mango Sushi.You can see below just how enticing it looked, it was almost a shame to bite into it! It tasted just as delicious and was a lovely first dish of the evening...

avocado and mango sushi

The next course was a Potato Tikki, this example of popular Indian Street Food was a taste sensation, rather spicy but accompanied by a sweet sauce and colourful pomegranate seeds which complemented each other beautifully.
Indian street food

Next up was the fish course of seafood Risotto but I was kindly served a vegetarian option of asparagus and sundried tomato risotto. As you may know from my recipe posts Risotto is one of my favorite dishes to both prepare and eat. Because I spend so long hours perfecting it at home it's usually something I avoid in restaurants for fear of being disappointed. However I was rather impressed with this tasty dish. As I mentioned earlier each course was accompanied by wines that had been expertly paired with the food. The crisp white served with the Risotto really complemented it and brought out the flavours of the asparagus. The wine was brought to us before each course by polite and pleasant serving staff, who were happy to cater to our every whim.

asparagus risotto and wine

The main course was a delightful Teppanyaki prepared on the Oriental Grill, Chicken for the others and vegetable for me. This was a simple but effective dish, with crunchy vegetables and and a tasty sauce.

vegetable teppenyaki

After these first four courses I had to admit I was getting a little full, but when I saw our desserts approaching the table, I knew I had some more room!

What more can I say about this Palette cleansing raspberry sorbet that was served with a mint leaf on a bed of ice in a martini glass, apart from yum!!

Palette cleansing raspberry sorbet

I have to say, it's a difficult choice but I think this may just have been my favourite dish of the evening! I could have eaten it again and again!

And then it was time for Dessert....

red hot world buffet dessert choices

Pancakes with Strawberries and white chocolate, Petit Fours and mini deserts served with a fresh coffee...

The perfect way to complete a fabulous meal and very satisfactory to my sweet tooth!

The evening wasn't just about the amazing food, the service was exquisite, and it was great to be able to relax and converse with fellow bloggers while actually being able to finish a sentence which is never possible at family events with the children!

 I have dined in a variety of all-you-can-eat style restaurants and one thing that always lets me down in the lack of choice in vegetarian selection, I find that the 'meat free' options tend to be an after thought and are generally bland and tasteless. This was certainly not the case with Red Hot World Buffet, everything had been thought out and planned in detail, including the Vegetarian dishes.

Our evening at Red Hot World Buffet in Manchester was fantastic and I will definitely be visiting again with my other half in tow to experience the buffet for myself. I would recommend a visit to this restaurant, it would make a perfect 'date night' or even a lovely place to go for a family meal at the weekend, especially when prices start from under £10!

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Food and drink was provided free of charge in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I've only ever been here once and really loved the variety and how it was all presented. Its not really your typical buffet is it? I should go back there really! :)

  2. It was such a lovely evening, wasn't it? A fab treat to just relax and enjoy each others company without chasing after children, and wonderful food and drink too.


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