Wednesday 3 July 2013

Bargain of the week - bambino mio mioliners

If like me you use cloth nappies one thing you will need Is liners. Fleece liners are great, they're reusable, wash well and the 'poop' just shakes off! But flushable liners are also an option, we use these when out and about and for nursery where Elizabeth attends 5 days a week, one of the brands we buy are bambino mio mioliners which usually cost around £5 a roll unless on offer. A roll contains 160 liners and usually lasts us around six weeks. So although not a great expense they are on of the few regular outgoings that we have associated with using cloth nappies...

Last week the lovely Emma from Mum Mum Heart tweeted me about an offer she had seen at Kiddicare. You could get six, (yes SIX ) rolls of mioliners for less than the usual RRP of one! You did have to add on almost five pounds for postage and packing but this still meant that you would get almost 1000 liners for under £10 delivered! I of course ordered them straight away and they arrived yesterday! What a bargain! Click here to order...


  1. wowzers, that is a bargain! The joys of bargain hunting friends eh?

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  3. My mum used to use these kind of nappies for me and my sisters when we were babies lol


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