Sunday 12 May 2013

A Mile In Memory of Matilda Mae

Yesterday we joined many other bloggers and their families from across the North West in Clifton park to walk a mile in memory of a special little girl who was taken from her family too soon and without warning by SIDS. In February of this year at just 9 months old Matilda Mae was found sleeping. Since that point her mummy Jennie has worked tirelessly through her grief to help raise awareness of SIDS. Read more about this over at Edspire.

walking in Country park

 Yesterday we walked through the beautiful Clifton Country Park in the rain with our families, we chatted and I reflected on how lucky am to have my two beautiful healthy children. At just two and five I found it hard to explain to my children why we were there...

I told them that we were there to remember a beautiful little girl who now lived in the sky,

I told them that she was a shining star looking down on her family,

I told them that Matilda Mae loved the colours purple and pink and they hunted for any hints of these colours in the trees...

They  shouted out when they spotted pink and purple flowers, a purple balloon and the pink and purple umbrellas and coats of other families walking around the park.

At the end of the walk we stood together and blew bubbles which floated up towards the sky for Matilda Mae. I felt that these bubbles contained our children smiles and laughter and I hope that some of them reached her.

Although we had packed a picnic, we were all quite cold and wet so decided to leave and have our picnic on a blanket in the living room instead once we were all dried off and warmed up.

While my children ate, I sat watching them and thought about the walk and the families who had come together in the rain to remember a little girl that some of us had never actually met, but like me had followed her life on line through Jennie's beautiful words and pictures. It is heartwarming the sense of community that can be found online, Since I started blogging two years ago I have found friendship and support from women who I have never met in person, together we share the highs and lows of life through our blogs and facebook and twitter communities.

I would like to thank Susannne from Ghostwritermummy for organising this walk and inviting us all to come together and remember.

There were walks arranged throughout the country yesterday to remember this little girl who is now a star shining bright in the sky looking down on us all. As well as spending time together thinking about Matilda Mae and her family the walks aimed to raise money for The Lullaby Trust (formally FSID) who provide specialist support for families bereaved through sudden infant death; support research and promote expert advice on safer baby sleep. Quite simply they can help save lives. You can donate here. There is also an auction running with lovely products donated by a variety of companies and all funds raised go direct to The Lullaby Trust, click on the image below to take a look, please bid generously...
Matilda Mae Memorial Auction

I have linked this post up with Country Kids over at Coombe Mill...
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  1. Great post Jen, lovely to walk with you yesterday xx

  2. Just so so painful. Her Mummy is just amazing for bringing something so positive from her pain x x x

  3. This is a lovely post. I've been amazed at how everyone in the blogging community has joined forces to look after and support Jennie. Xxxxx

  4. Lovely post, nice to meet you yesterday if only briefly x

  5. I have seen some lovely posts from this special walk. Such a wonderful thing to do and great to see so many bloggers able to meet up, remember, walk and spread the word about a worthwhile cause whilst enjoying the outdoors. Thank you for sharing your walk on Country Kids.


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