Saturday 27 April 2013

Lighter evenings, lighter sleepers?


Last month the clocks went forward and we entered British Summer time... Ye you heard me correctly, I said summer! 

You wouldn't know it would you? 

Despite still getting weather that we'd be more used to seeing in January than April, one sign of summer has arrived and that's the lighter evenings. A few years ago lighter evenings were something I looked forward to, they meant leisurely twilight walks, Al fresco dinners and evenings spent with friends and a glass of wine in the local beer garden. 

Fast forward a few years (and a fair few stretch marks) and as a mummy two little monsters that need their sleep (or I pay for it the next day!) lighter evenings now mean bedtime tantrums from tired children who don't understand why they have to go to sleep when it's not dark! 

Earlier this year Elizabeth moved from our bed that she has shared since she was born, into her own big girl's bed in her big brother's room. I was prepared for weeks of sleepless nights while she adjusted to this big change, but instead she took to it like duck to water and started sleeping better the ever! 

With her taking to this so easily I was shocked and unprepared when the the nights started to get lighter and instead of our lovely bedtime routine ending with both of the children falling asleep to the sound of a favourite story, it went on and on and on with grumpy, over-tired children refusing to escape into dreamland...

After a week of fighting it I realised that I needed to cheat! It turned out that blackout curtains would be the answers to my dreams! I now close them before the little ones go up to bed and they believe it is night time again!

Our fairytales once again trail off to the tune of gentle snores rather than whines and tears...

Sweet Dreams...

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