Saturday 6 April 2013

#365 #week14 Easter catch up!

On Monday I  posted my 365 photos from the week end and apologised, for not posting them daily, well I'm afraid I have another apology for you! I've been so busy enjoying the Easter holidays with the children that although I have been taking photos every day I just haven't had time to post each day, so here is a collage of my photos of the day for each day from Good Friday to now, we have had a fun filled week and i'll tell you more about each one below...

#88 - We had a lovely day at the Manchester Duck race in aid of Brainwave, this is my little Easter Bunny holding Daddy and Nanna's hand on the way to the race. 

#89 - We had a fun day out at the brand new Dog Bowl  in Manchester City centre, Ben is getting really good at bowling and both the children beat me! 

#90 - We had a lovely Easter Sunday visiting family in the morning and then exploring Heaton Park in the afternoon  and had a lovely ride on the old fashioned trams...

#91 - Monday was a restful day to recover from a busy weekend and get prepared for work on Tuesday and I was delighted to be able to dry Elizabeth's nappies on the line for the first time this year! There is just something beautiful about a line full of nappies!   

#92 - I was very excited to come home from work to find the postman had delivered our copy of Maggy Woodly's Red Ted Art, we've had it on pre-order since December. We can't wait to get crafting

#93 - Today I just had to take a photograph of the beautiful sky when I stepped of my office, wish I hadn't been stuck inside all day!

#94 - Ben had an exciting day visiting #MOSI with Nanna and I was very pleased that they came to meet me for lunch at Bagel Nash just  round the corner from my office. My handsome boy gave me a gorgeous grn wen I walked in!

#95 - Ben had another fun day with Nanna and they did some baking, When I came home from work, this lovely chocolate krispie cake was thrust upon me with the words, 'I made you a heart shaped one Mummy, because I love you!' I think my heart melted!

#96 - Today we visited the Trafford Centre and had great fun taking part in the #LEGOyodabuild, Both the children really enjoyed helping to build a giant Yoda from LEGO and posing for photos with Lightsabers, but Ben's absolute part of the day was meeting Darth Vader! We also enjoyed the nice weather and went for yummy Cadwaller ice creams on the way home.

So that was my (slightly extended) week, I promise I will start posting the each day again tomorrow...

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  1. my brother and i met Darth Vadar once when we were children as my brother was huuuuge Star wars fan! a lovely selection of photos and i spy Maggy's book there - lots of crafting activities for you to try out then! x

  2. That old tram is amazing, I'd love to have a go at that!

    Thanks for linking up.

  3. fantastic pictures!! the sky shot is beautiful

  4. The children looked like they had a fun packed week, I particularly love the bunny ears - very cute.

  5. Looks like a pretty great week! I love your clouds shot, it's always hard to be inside all day when the skies are that pretty!

  6. I love your washing line photo. It is such a relief to see some sun :-)


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