Sunday 17 February 2013

My sister, my hero...

Tots100 and have challenged blogger's children to draw their Hero. I thought this was a lovely opportunity to ask Ben who his hero was, and I have to say I was surprised by the answer! 

This is Ben's drawing of his hero...

my sister, my hero

In Ben's words...'My hero is my sister 'lizabeth because she is kind and shares her treats and toys with me, she also has superpowers like a superhero, she is a babysuperhero and can fly!'

Well the last part is his imagination going into overdrive (!!) but the idea that my 5 year old son's 'hero' is his two year old sister makes my heart melt! With an ideal (for us) age gap of three years they get on really well and in the last week since they have been sharing a bedroom they seem closer than ever. I am sure if Elizabeth was old enough to understand the question then she would tell me that her hero was her big brother Ben, who she holds hands with to run across the grass in the park, who reads her stories, shares his chocolate with  and plays dollies and race cars with her...

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