Sunday 17 February 2013

Half Term Fun with LEGO Starwars Brickmaster...

This week was half term in our part of the woods and thankfully Ben has finally recovered from the ear and throat infections that have been plaguing him the past few weeks and he really enjoyed playing with 'Nanna' for the first half of the week. On Thursday and Friday it was my turn to play!

As we had a day out planned for Friday, on Thursday we decided to stay in and play some games. After playing Cars Monopoly and Junior Scrabble Ben got out the Lego StarWars Brickmaster that he got from Santa (An absolute bargain in Amazon's black Friday deals!) Although it is aimed at age 7+ Ben was able to follow the visual instructions clearly and easily and really enjoyed creating the S Wing Speeder bike with just a little help from me.

Having been recently diagnosed with hyper-mobility, Ben can really struggle with dexterity and he struggles with his pencil control and handwriting. We try to make the exercises that have been recommended by the occupational therapist as much fun as possible. He enjoys threading wooden beads onto ribbon, picking up small toys with chopsticks and of course making creations from LEGO!

What LEGO creations have you made recently?

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  1. thats a great lego ship Ben, my boys love all things lego too :)

  2. We have Cars Monopoly and Junior Scrabble too! Sounds like Ben and Z would get along well. Thanks for linking up to Little Builders, that is a very cool ship!


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