Monday 17 December 2012

The Magic of Christmas

I've recently posted about not really feeling in the Christmas Spirit yet, so I am doing what I can to force myself into feeling festive! I find that one of the best ways of doing this is looking through photos of Christmases past and seeing the joy on the faces of my family.

While looking through old photographs I found this picture of Ben which was taken on Christmas Eve 2010 when he was 3, just before he went to bed. He was very excited about father Christmas visiting that night and was worried that him and Rudolf may get tired and thirsty. 

So we started a tradition that we have done each year since and will continue to do and this year I am hoping my daughter will be able to join in too. 

On Christmas Eve after the children have had their baths, are snugged up in their pyjamas and are ready for their bedtime stories, they come downstairs and help to make a special drink and snack for Father Christmas and Rudolf. Father Christmas is very lucky as he gets a hot chocolate with mini marshmallows in and a mince pie and Rudolf gets a carrot and a cup of juice, but it's not just any carrot, Ben is quite insistent that it is the biggest carrot out of our veg box that week, As 'Rudolf will be very hungry mummy!' That's me told!

This Christmas Eve ritual really does represent the 'magic of Christmas' for our family and I have to admit that looking at this photo and writing this has got me feeling more festive already!

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  1. Oh yes, leaving stuff out for Santa and Rudolf makes Christms that much more magical. Commenting on behalf of BritMums.


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