Sunday 16 December 2012

Shopping online: does it sacrifice 'that Christmas feeling?'

I love Christmas. I really do, since having Ben, the last five Christmases have been so worth all the stress and cost just for the look on his face when we visit Santa at a Grotto, get the decorations out, or when he finds his filled stocking at the end of his bed on Christmas morning, and for the last two years it has been double the joy with Elizabeth too.

And I actually love some of the things about it that I know others hate, writing the lists, choosing the perfect presents for everyone and spending days trekking around the crowded shops until my feet are covered in blisters, singing along to Christmas songs on repeat while laden with bags of shopping, then getting home and remembering what I forgot so doing it again the following weekend!

I had a few big shopping days planned this year, we were going to explore the festive offerings of Chester and York, which I was really looking forward to (both of which just happen to have 'outlet' discount malls on the way too!) However I've not been well and last month I was taken to hospital, alongside this, both the children have been under the weather also with colds and sore throats. As I didn't know how quickly I would be recover and be able to go out shopping I ended up doing pretty much all of my Christmas shopping online, taking advantage of the fabulous offers, especially Zulily's Flash Sales and Amazon's Lightening Deals. I've got some lovely presents for my family and friends, but I can't help but think by doing all of my shopping online I am missing out on something... With less than two weeks to go until the big day I just don't feel festive at all!

What do you think? Do you do your shopping online? Do you feel you're missing out on something?

I guess it's a combination of things, I have more tests at the hospital in January hanging over my head, and I'm finding it difficult to get back into the swing of things in work after having time off.

Maybe I just need to immerse myself in the tackiness of it all? Pop on some Reindeer Antlers, stick a Christmas CD on and start wrapping some presents? Oh and better not forget the mince pies and mulled wine!! Maybe I can force myself to feel Christmassy?

Whatever it is that has made me feel more like the Grinch than Santa this year, and however much I have saved by shopping online, I have to admit that I miss the physical act of exploring the shops....

I will have to make up for it in the Sales!


  1. I love the invention of the internet! Lol, I remember the days of dragging four kids around the busy shopping centres at Christmas, only to come home with only half of what I went out for. If only I could have shopped online back then. My Christmas is much more organised nowadays because of online shopping, and I love that I can get hold of stuff online that I found difficult to buy before.

    However, I do still like to be part of the shopping centres Christmas merriment, so we always have atleast one day down at Westfield.

  2. I LOVE internet shopping and to be totally honest i get most of our Christmas presents in the January sales the year before! it save me in the region of £200 -£250 and it means over the festive period i can spend more time with my family eating, drinking and being merry!


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