Wednesday 5 December 2012

Poundland Christmas Challenge

As a Poundland Ambassador I was challenged to spend £20 instore at Poundland on Christmas Goodies. To show that Poundland offers quality, value and choice I was asked to buy products from a number of different Christmas themed catagories....

So for £20 here is what I got...

poundland christmas goodies

 Christmas Wrapping and Accessories

We go through so much paper at Christmas I tend to go for 'budget' patterns and dress it up with some cheap ribbon as it all ends up in the in anyway, however when I saw this 3 meter roll of Disney Cars paper I couldn't resist, Ben is a huge Cars fa and I know he will be delighted to find his presents wrapped up in it on Christmas morning! I also bought a roll of 50 sticky labels as although we do like to make our own tags from old Christmas cards its nice and easy to have some stick on label for the children's (many) presents, These were bright and colourful designs that made me smile.

Christmas Gifts 

There's some things that I just don't think of Poundland for and everytime I go in it surprises me! When asked to buy some Christmas gifts I was actually spoilt for choice, from CD's books and DVD;s to toiletry sets and homeware, the aisles had more to offer than I realised. After careful consideration I bought a Martina Cole Hardback and a pair of gorgeously soft fluffy bed-socks. Lovely little gifts for just £1 each!

Christmas Stocking Fillers for Kids

When it comes to kids stocking fillers, Poundland is ideal to fill up those stockings with lovely little gifts, again there were shelves of books DVD's and CD's to choose from, along with craft sets, toys and even clothing. I decided on a cute little pack of Disney Piglet socks (2 pairs in a pack) for Elizabeth and a Twelve Days of Christmas book for Ben which will make a lovely Christmassy bedtime story.

Christmas Party 

I have to say I have a bit of a thing for gingerbread men and just fell in love with this range of melamine tablewear ideal for a festive party, I chose a large salad bowl, a dip dish and a tray from the range and they are just adorable!

Christmas Tree Decorations

With Christmas Tree decorations, we like to buy a couple of new decorations each year to add to our collection In the past we have got these from Christmas markets, craft stalls and garden centres, so I have to admit that I didn't expect to find anything as 'special' in Poundland, but I was wrong! I discovered this four pack of glass angels, which are just so detailed and lovely I can't wait to give them pride of place on our tree! I also got a pack of twelve cute velour ribbon bows which will look lovely on the tree also, We've had these in past years but a few always seem to disappear!

 Christmas General Decorations

I decided to let Ben choose the other decorations for the challenge  and he immediately went to the window stickers. He choose two packs of festive stickers that will cling to walls, windows and pretty much any clean surface. I also added a pack of snowflake stickers that I think will look lovely in the the window.

Christmas Table Decorations

The selection of table decorations was vast and I was spoilt for choice but when I saw these lovely green and silver tea-light holders I couldn't resist, they were just so 'me' and looked really expensive too they will make a lovely centerpiece on Christmas day (I won't be telling guests they were only £1!!) As another addition to the table  Ben chose this pack of two cute melamine penguin bowls, a fun addition to any table!

Christmas Sweets

Poundland have a great selection for anyone with a sweet tooth, but we went with traddition and bought these Cadbury's selection packs at 3 for just £2

Home wares

Poundland are great for the essentials too the things that you don't have out on display, but would be lost without. This turkey Roaster tray and 15m roll of kitchen foil will come in very handy for Christmas Dinner...

So for just £20 at Poundland I certainly made a dent into my Christmas shopping and found that they really do have something for everyone! As always the staff were helpful and friendly and helped to make my shopping experience easier even on the very busy first Saturday in December!

 Poundland have put some Christmas top tips videos together that you can view here...

And if you fancy doing your own 'Poundland Challenge' then check out their 'Pin it to Win it' competition where you could win £250 of vouchers!

Disclaimer: We were sent a £20 poundland voucher to spend on this challenge. 


  1. great selection :) you can't beat a poundland shopping spree!

  2. entered the competition - thanks for letting us know about it.
    how do you get involved in their shop for £20 thing?

  3. they posted on their facebook page a while ago looking for ambassoadors, I applied and was one of the lucky 10 chosen :)

  4. Most of my christmas decorations are from Poundland...Great value!! Got alot of stocking fillers for the kids from there too :)

  5. Went to get the cute gingerbread bowls too today, they do the cups as well, such a good value :)


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