Wednesday 10 October 2012

#WWBack2Best - Week 2 of my weight loss challenge...

So I'm two weeks in to my #WWback2best challenge with Britmums and I have to admit I'm finding it harder this week! I took a trip down to London  to meet my fellow Butlin's ambassadors and then met up with my cousin for a bite to eat and a visit to the theater so in just one day I had two meals out.... oh dear!

However, thanks to the iPhone app I was able to enjoy myself and indulge slightly without being too naughty!
That's one thing that I'm really like about the pro points plan, you can afford the odd treat or indulgence now and again as long as you balance it out. This week I have been concentrating on reducing my portion size and realised that i had really been piling my plate high! by replacing the bulk of the food on my plate with 'free' veg or salad I have noticed a great difference.

So Last week I mentioned the iPhone app and how simple it is to use, so I thought this week I would talk about some of my favourite features a little bit more...

There's a fantastic variety of   vegetarian recipes on the weight watchers website, and this week i've been trying a few out, but it's not very easy to follow a recipe on my laptop while cooking! So having the recipes available on the app is really handy, it's much easier to use while i'm cooking and I'm not worried about getting food all over the keyboard...

The pro points calculator
I've used this so much over the last two weeks ... at the supermarket when i'm shopping, out and about when I need to grab a quick lunch and at home when i'm following a favourite recipe I just enter the nutritional information from packaging and i'm instantly told the pro point value!

Cheat Sheets
Now this is something I have made use of this week! The cheat sheets! For those times where you're eating out , or going for a cheeky cocktail, find out exactly how many points it'll cost you!

So that's just a few highlights, I'm getting on really well with the App and it fits into my life really well, rather than having to take time out to input my meals onto the website, I can sit on the bus and do it on my phone whilst travelling home from work! Even if there's no reception I can still use the app offline and it updates when connection is restored, perfect!

 So now for the moment of truth....  

                                                         after a busy week that included eating out (twice) how did I do?

When I stepped on the scales on Friday...

                                                      I had lost another 2lbs, so that's a total of 5lbs in 2 weeks!!

 Still a way to go to meet my target of 2 stone but i'm getting there...

Don't forget to come back next week to see how I'm getting on and remember if you want to try out the #wwback2best app for free for a week click here.. make sure you switch over to the 1 month plan before your trial ends.

Weight Watchers have kindly given me 6 months online membership free of charge along with a box of goodies in exchange for taking part in this challenge and sharing my thoughts, all those thoughts will be my own.


  1. It was lovely to meet you and I was very impressed at your choice of salad at the Butlins meet up even if there were no forks to eat it with :)
    Every pound lost is another pound closer to your goal so keep up the good work and best of luck with your weigh in tomorrow x

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