Friday 12 October 2012

Top Tips for Halloween Costumes...

It's October and that means Halloween is approaching, the shops are filling up with smiling pumpkins and and scary masks and my children are getting really excited about dressing up and going to the school Halloween disco!

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to trek around the shops to find the perfect costume, especially with little ones in tow, so that's where online shopping comes in very handy! With Littlewoods you can browse the great selection and find the perfect spooky outfits for your little ones or yourself without leaving the sofa and get it delivered for FREE within  48 hours!

I've been checking out the Halloween section of their website and found some gorgeous outfits that would look great for the school Disco for Ben, Ben now just needs to decide whether to go for a vampire costume or a  little devil! The wide selection of costumes they offer covers a variety of budgets.

So I thought I'd share my top tips for getting the perfect kids Halloween outfits...

Tip #1

They don't have to be scary! If you don't fancy dressing you toddler up as a monster or witch, Littlewoods have a great selection of non spooky costumes for tots from adorable bunnies to a very cute little spider!

Tip #2

Accessorize! From witches hats and broomsticks to trick and treat bags and lanterns, Accessorising a costume can really make it stand out form the crowds.

Tip #3

Let your child choose! Even at a young age, it's good to give your child the independence to choose their own clothes... (within reason!)

Do share share your Halloween tips too! I hope you and your family have a fab Halloween and I look forward to seeing  photos of lots of scary little montsers, all dressed up!

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