Sunday 22 April 2012

Win a 'My Cloth Nappy Makes me Happy' organic cotton t shirt....

So it's the last day of Real Nappy Week 2012 and what a week it has been! Last year I was still fairly new to cloth nappies and it was the events of RNW2011 that pulled me in and started my journey to the Fluff obsessed mummy that I am today! I attended a Nappuccino organised by Recycle 4Greater Manchester and hosted by the Lovely Lisa from Birth2Potty and learnt about the wide variety of nappies that are out there in the Fluffy world! After this I made the jump from using prefolds during the day and disposables at night to having a cloth bummed daughter full time!

This real nappy week I have enjoyed chatting with other Real Nappy using Mums but most of all I have loved answering the questions from Mummies who currently don't use cloth but are considering making the switch! It's lovely to think that I may have helped to convert a new fluffy bum!

Although RNW2012 is coming to an end I am always here to answer any cloth nappy questions and I regularly write about nappies! If you would like to read through my fluffy posts altogether just click here...

  cloth nappies

Remember although many RNW2012 offers end today many go on to the end offer the month so you still have time to grab a bargain!

To mark the end of this week of fluff I have a new competition for you! The lovely Lisa behind  lactivist has offered one of her lovely 'My cloth nappy makes me happy' organic short sleeve t shirts as a prize for one lucky mymummyspennies readers!

I bought one of these lovely t shirts for Elizabeth last year and she wears it regularly, not only does it look great it's fantastic quality too and washes really well! They are Professionally screen printed in blue and black ink on unbleached organic cotton short sleeved t-shirts and have nickle free poppers at the neck.

They are available in sizes 3 - 6 months, 6 - 12 months and 12 - 18 months, the winner can select their preferred size.

For more details and to buy one take a look on the lactivist website.

So how can you win one of these lovely t shirts?

I'd like to hear the best piece of information you have heard about cloth nappies this week!

It can be funny, informative or just interesting and it would be lovely if you could also say where you heard it from (whether that's a friend, a website, a facebook page, a nappuccino or somewhere else...)

So to enter just leave you answer in a comment below and please also leave a way of contacting you if you win (such as twitter id or email address)

Good Luck!

t's and c's
· winner will be selected by random draw
· open to residents of UK only.
· Facebook is no way affiliated with this competition.
· If the winner does not contact me within 3 days of their name being chosen another winner will be drawn.
· Competition will close 9pm 29th April 2012 and will be announced on here shortly afterwards
· The prize is as stated and no cash alternative will be offered


  1. That little lamb bamboo nappies are great for night time, My friend told me so i brought some to try and they really are, I can be contacted on

  2. That fluffy bums are rather addictive hehe :)

  3. I use ones from Tots-Bots - they are fab ! :
    They are made from bamboo and are excellent for little ones with eczema !

  4. Christina LatterSunday, April 22, 2012

    Have read lots of useful information on baba+boo nappuvino on facebook and have decided to try cloth nappies now :-) Can see it becoming addictive though!

  5. im loving the fact that im going to be getting some new v3 totsbots whic dry so fast - in this dull counrty we need them lol

  6. I've only just moved to using cloth full time, I'd been using BM prefolds, and have moved onto AIOs so RNW has given me a chance to fill out my stash. My biggest 'learn' this week was RN care, hints and tips on keeping them in tip top condition without compromising on absorbency? I didn't manage to convert any friends to fluff, but I've made quite a few have a think about it :-)

  7. Its hard to pick one thing but the most important information I've found out was the different types of nappies and which are easier and less complicated to use. This has helped me when ordering my first cloth nappies and have even been persuaded to try reusable wipes too! I found all this useful information on your facebook page and through asking you questions!
    Carly Markham

  8. That real nappies are real easy :D

  9. I learn't what boosters were off you before that I was just thinking a car seat would never fit in your child nappy :) amazed me thinking how it would work lol @mummy2five1

  10. Not to dry cloth nappies ON the radiator! I've always put clothes on the radiator to dry and would have thought nothing of putting nappies on there too... So glad I know not to now! Lucy Sheridan

  11. although I've been using cloth on my son for 8 months I didn't know anything about the different types of boosters and night nappies, I know a lot more from reading on various Facebook groups and have extended my cloth collection.

  12. A friend suggested to me to just dive right in and try them and recommended pocket nappies. As a result I've just brought 10! Wish me luck!

  13. The best bit of info for me has probably been about cloth liners from Baby Steps:
    It's seriously not something I'd ever considered.


  14. Best thing I've heard about the nappies this week is that lots of them have been on sale! yey! Also, I didn't know that there were all in ones that didn't need an extra booster so I'm gonna try some of those out :)

  15. i already use pocket nappies and as the result of a nappichino i have invested in some cloth wipes and so far so good
    emma lincoln

  16. That itti bitti are coming out with new prints in a few months! Good for babies bum, not so good for the bank account!

  17. To help stop leaks the lovely Carly at Pixie Pants said to use two boosters and to make sure I stretch out my sons leg and check the gusset was nice and secure. No leaks since!


  18. "YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH CLOTH NAPPIES", was the best bit of advice I heard this week (it was me telling my husband though and him shaking his head with a mixture of disbelief and pity - does that count???)

    Tori Giblin

  19. hanging out in the sun helps to remove stains!
    mymummyspennies chat night 22nd april

    sarah clegg on facebook
    sarahclegg2 on twitter xx

  20. I've been using cloth for over a year so know quite a lot already. coinciding with rnw was the discovery that the bumgenius freetime can be used as a night nappy without extra boosting. we left it on for too long but no leaks and no rash. great nappy.



  21. Best piece of news - firstly oh agreeing to come with me to a nappy event and then not objecting when I suggested buying a jubilee easyfit and bamboozle - I nearly fell over! Kate Eccles

  22. Some people have a "poo spoon" to get rid of poop from them! Good idea but not sure about it for myself! LOL - Heard it from a friend, whose friends do it! (@86PinkPrincess)

  23. I really enjoyed reading all the silly things people say to fluffy mummy's over on the Babi Pur Facebook page. Gave me a good old chuckle. I have also never entered so many competitions in such a short space of time lol. I've been using cloth for nearly a year now so had heard most things but one new one that I heard and tried was a teaspoon of baking powder and a dash of white vinegar in the wash together. I'd tried the two separately but did them together after reading it on one of the facebook pages (sorry can't remember which one it's all become a fluffy blur) and they really freshened up my nappies. Thanks mymummiespennies for keeping us all up to date with the RNW goings on xxx

  24. The best thing I've learnt this week, is that RNW exists!!! Along with the fab tips on your guest blog about using a tablespoon of bicarb and half a tablespoon of white vinegar to freshen nappies up and remove smells. Having used pockets on and off, I'd been left with some that I couldn't get a horrible smell out of (poorly child, sorry tmi) and had relegated them to a different room after washing in different powders, soaking, even trying fabric softener- they still stank! But one wash with the bicarb and vinegar, and they're fresh again!! So thank you!!

  25. The best thing I have learned this week is that to increase a cloth nappy's absorbency it is good to occasionally wash them with no detergents (soapnuts are awesome) to get rid of the buildup! Email:

  26. Chery halliwellSunday, April 29, 2012

    Best thing this week is I've been introduced to cloth wipes! I've been using cloth nappies for a while but have just taken the plunge :-) twitter @scorpiogirlxx

  27. Nappy week was an excuse to buy more nappies - Jubilee specias this time ( so cute!) but was also given a free gift of larger cloth wipes and as Olivia gets older ( now a fabulous 15 months
    and has had a recent tummy upset) these have been more useful than the ones we made when she was born!!

  28. The best thing I learned this week, is that with a little help, advice and words of encouragement, anyone can use cloth!

  29. Thanks for the heads up on the contest. Would you mind offering the same treat for this year? It would surely get a lot of participants basing from the results of last year.


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