Wednesday 18 April 2012

Making the switch to cloth....

So it's the second day of Real Nappy Week and today I want to write about switching to cloth from disposables....

Although I may be slightly(?) fluff obsessed now I've not always used cloth nappies on my children. Elizabeth is my second child and with her big brother Ben I used disposable nappies. When I was pregnant I did consider cloth but being quite young at the time and a first time mummy I just didn't know much about them or where to find any information so I took the 'safe' option and used disposables!

Lots of Mum's I speak to about cloth nappies tell me they love the idea of cloth but they think it's too late to switch as they've already had one child in nappies or their little one is a few months old so why bother?

Well I believe it's never too late to discover cloth (unless all your children have toilet trained and you're not having another maybe? ...but even then I'm sure I'd find a way of using them!!)

Even if you feel it's not worth investing in a full 'stash', why not try out even one cloth nappy? Every time your baby wears it you're using one less disposable that will go to landfill, and the pennies do add up!

Did you know that an individual disposable nappy costs an average of 25 pence each? When you can buy reusable nappies from just £3.50 it doesn't take long to start saving...

Below the lovely Mandi who blogs at Hex Mum and Breast 4 Babies shares why she decided to make the switch from disposables to cloth with baby number six!!

I had my first daughter, Xene fourteen years ago and never really thought about reusable nappies, I obviously had the usual horror stories from both sets of grandparents about how easy we had it with disposable nappies and the tales of the boil wash would be told numerous times!!
Over the next four babies, I did as I had always done and bought Disposable nappies, on many occasions, having two children both in nappies, which cost us a fortune every month.

When Tyrus was born in June 2011, I began writing my blog and was introduced to the idea of reusable nappies from many websites and facebook pages and the lovely Jen who is a self confessed fluff addict!

Tyrus was born with very dry skin and he was always getting nappy rash, so I made the decision to look into reusables. I began with buying some preloved nappies of different types to see which suited us best, the first thing I discovered was that Tyrus is a heavy wetter, I had never realised this with disposables, because they just soak it all up. So finding ones that didn’t leak was a bit of a challenge.

There are many special offers and deals to try different types and many councils offer an incentive scheme – mine didn’t!!

We are very happy with Bumgenius, Close Parent Pop Ins and the very funky G Nappies. I have also made the switch from disposable baby wipes to reusable ones, as I figured I may as well wash them at the same time as the nappies.

The difference in Tyrus’s skin has been amazing and the nappy rash is almost non existent, and I feel happy knowing that I am not contributing any longer to the excess landfill. A family of eight has plenty of washing, so I don’t even notice an extra load every couple of days!

Thank you very much to Mandi for sharing that with mymummyspennies, I'm so glad you decide to try cloth and it helped Tyrus's skin!

If you currently use disposables why not take advantage of the fantastic #RNW2012 offers to try a cloth nappy? Go Real are also doing a Nappy Giveaway to encourage mums to give cloth a go!


  1. Great stuff. I really agree - just one or two can make a difference and however 'late' you are to start, it is still cost effective. Pop over to NapNap today to win a Bum Genius just to get you started!!!! Happy Real Nappy Week everyone :-)

  2. We didn't start until D was 2 months and we don't use cloth at night, but I am definitely a cloth convert!


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