Monday 19 September 2011

Five things that made me want to scream on the school run this morning....


This is just a quick post (or rant) to get some things off my chest as if I keep muttering under my breath people will start to think I'm Crazy! (If they don't already!)

I don't know if it's just that it was a monday morning, or that I didn't sleep well, or it took me twenty minutes to find Ben's School Shoes this morning, but for some reason I found myself getting really angry at little things while taking my eldest to school this morning.

So as a bit of anger therapy I thought I'd share with you all the 5 things that made me want to scream on the school run this morning....

1. Dog Poo! We have to walk down a short narrow path from the park to the School and there was no less than four piles of dog poo on this one path! You would think dog owners would be more considerate especially so close to a school! AND there was a doggy doodoo bin right at the end of the path!!

2. Parents smoking. I know this is none of my business, and if people wish to smoke that's their own decision, but when they've got a 'fag' in their hand while pushing a baby in a buggy it really bothers me! If they want to poison themselves, that's fine but please not their children!!

3. Swearing. On occasion if I stub my toe, or bump into something in front of the little ones I may forget myself for a moment and utter something a bit stronger than 'oh sugar!', But repetitive swearing in front of children really winds me up! A parent in the playground this morning was chatting to her friend about her weekend and must have said the 'f'' word and the 's' word about 5 times each in the space of a few sentences, she was surrounded by children and I don't think she even realised she was doing it!

4. Pointless car journeys! I don't drive so we have a thirty minute walk to school each day which is quite a lot for a four year old (and a tired Mummy) and to be honest if I did have a car available there are some days when it's pouring down with rain when I would probably drive him to school, but we would still walk most of the time. Today (a dry and pleasant morning) when we were only a couple of streets away from the school I saw a Mum come out of a house with their child and get in the car. That's strange I thought, he had the same uniform on as Ben, but they can't be driving just 5 minutes walk away surely? But they were! So then I thought, Oh! Maybe the parent is on the way to work or the shops afterwards and that's why they were driving, but no, as I was walking back I saw them return to their house in the car, It probably took longer to get in and out of the car than it would have done to walk! What a wasteful journey!

5. Inconsiderate drivers! After I left Ben at school and walked with Elizabeth in the pram to her baby swimming lesson, I had to cross main road at a set of traffic lights, and as I approached the traffic lights changed, but a truck driver had decided that he wouldn't pay a attention to the rules of the road. No, instead of waiting behind the line, he had stopped right across the crossing so there was no chance I could cross over safely so I had to just stand there and wait. To make things worse when I looked up at him he just shrugged his shoulders and laughed!

I know these are trivial matters but for some reason this morning they all made me want to go AAAARRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Well now I've got that off my chest I'll get on with my day! Thanks for reading my rant and feel free to share with me 5 things that make you want to Scream!


  1. ugh i totally agree with you on all those things!! and you sound like me ha! so its not just you going crazy, i often have such aggravations but if i wrote them all down id never leave the house lol! xxx

  2. I would like to say it gets better on the school run, but I have been doing it for the past eight years and I still have an other 11 to go and I really can't see anything changing xxx


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